OAB-SP, 89 years old, elects the first woman president

About to complete 90 years of foundation, in January of next year, the São Paulo branch of the Brazilian Bar Association elected this Thursday (11/25) its first woman president: Patricia Vanzolini.

The criminalist Patricia Vanzolini

“With the joy and honor of being chosen as the first woman to preside over the OAB of São Paulo, I come to thank on behalf of all the members of the ticket the historic support received by the São Paulo law firm. More than representing the first woman in charge of the largest sectional of the country, I recognize the weight of the responsibility that is to rebuild the Order with my commitment to act in the uncompromising defense of the prerogatives of all lawyers and the valorization of the profession, from the first to the last day of my mandate. , with the commitment to act for all lawyers, regardless of the ticket they defended in this election,” Vanzolini said shortly after the victory was confirmed mathematically.

The 49-year-old criminalist’s campaign underwent twists and turns in this OAB election. Near the end of the deadline for registering the slates, pre-candidate Leonardo Sica withdrew from his candidacy for president and announced his support for Vanzolini, as a candidate for vice president.

In the final stretch of the campaign, last week, Patricia was diagnosed with Covid-19, had to remain isolated and at rest, she did not participate in the debate of the Conjure and interrupted the melee of his campaign in the final stretch, mainly through sections of the interior of the state, where the current president, Caio Augusto Silva dos Santos, who was seeking reelection, concentrated his forces.

With a master’s and doctorate in law from PUC (Pontifical Catholic University) of São Paulo, Vanzolini is a criminal lawyer and professor at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie. In 2018, he ran for the vice-presidency of OAB-SP.

One of the main banners of the president-elect’s campaign is to promote the modernization of the São Paulo sectional of the OAB. “It is frightening how an entity of this size, with this budget, revenue of R$ 344 million, a budget that is greater than half of the municipalities in São Paulo, does not have transparency procedures, compliance, good practices, contract inspection, contract inspection, in short, governance processes,” he said in an interview with Conjure.

See how São Paulo lawyers voted*:
*Check until 23:30 this Thursday
Registered ballot boxes: 876
Total of urns: 1,014
Patricia Vanzolini: 57,537 votes (36.21%)
Caio Augusto Silva dos Santos: 51,663 votes (32.52%)
Dora Cavalcanti: 16,379 votes (10.31%)
Mario de Oliveira Filho: 8,286 votes (5.21%)
Alfredo Scaff: 8,164 votes (5.14%)
whites: 6,651 votes (4.19%)
null: 10,209 votes (6.43%)
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Check out the chosen slate:
President: Maria Patricia Vanzolini Figueiredo
CEO: Leonardo Sica
General Secretary: Daniela Marchi Magalhães
Assistant Secretary General: Dione Almeida Santos
Treasurer: Alexandre de Sá Domingues
CAA President: Adriana Galvão Moura Abilio
CAA Vice President: Domingos Assad Stocco
Federal Council – Holders: Alberto Zacharias Toron, Carlos José Santos da Silva, Silvia Virginia Silva de Souza
Federal Council – Alternates: Alessandra Benedito, Daniela Campos Liborio, Helio Rubens Batista Ribeiro Costa