Paraíba guides health professionals to cases of ‘itching’ similar to those registered in Pernambuco | Paraíba

The state of Pernambuco has been facing, since the beginning of October, an outbreak of itchy skin lesions. To ensure that health professionals know how to proceed if cases are registered in Paraíba, the State Department of Health (SES) released a technical note on the subject.

So far, more than 200 cases have been registered in Pernambuco, in three different cities, and experts still have no conclusions about what caused the injuries. The note from the SES of Paraíba states that the purpose of the epidemiological alert is to inform the public and private health network on how to deal with similar cases.

  • Outbreak of itchy skin lesions: find out what possible causes are investigated

According to the technical note, suspicions must be notified. The document also presents the pattern of the disease. It has mainly affected children, primarily those who live near areas of Atlantic forest and dams.

The main symptoms presented were skin lesions, mainly on the upper limbs and trunk, accompanied by abrasions. Although not frequent, there were reports of sore throat, diarrhea, fever and others, in a smaller proportion of cases.

Although no case has been confirmed in Paraíba, SES requests that any individual with similar symptoms must have their health status notified to the secretariat, to ensure follow-up and prevent the disease from spreading.

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