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Hired shortly after the end of the 2017 Paraense Championship, with São Francisco de Santarém, since arriving at Curuzu’s stadium, defender Perema has already become one of the main players, not only in the defensive system, but also one of the leaders of the cast while wearing Paysandu’s colors.

However, the 29-year-old Auricélio Vinhote Soares dos Santos’ cycle in “Vovô da Cidade” has come to an end. Even with the president of Paysandu, Maurício Ettinger, informing a few days ago: “we made an addition with him only for the Copa Verde for now”, Perema reveals exclusively to the DOL that he did not sign any contract extension and that he is leaving Papão.

“Everything that came out on the news saying that I had signed the amendment is a lie. What I always said was that I would fulfill my contract until the 30th, and that’s it. In the first meeting I had with the board, after the game against Castanhal (for the Green Cup), had already made it clear that he would not stay after the 30th. I believe it is time to breathe new air,” he said.

During the five seasons he played for Paysandu, Perema played 173 matches, scoring seven goals and an assist on goal. In addition, the defender – who is from the city of Santarém – played a fundamental role in winning three state titles and one in the Copa Verde, when he was captain and lifted the champion’s cup.

“Everything is God’s plan, my feeling and what my heart says together with my wife, is that what I could do for Paysandu during these five years, so, but my greatest feeling is gratitude for everything I’ve lived here, I can only thank you for the opportunity to wear this shirt with so many stories and achievements”, he reported.

Of the current squad, even with the loss of access to Serie B, the Santareno defender was one of the few spared by the fans. In addition to the technical part, the player’s history at the club has always been important. Even so, Perema keeps with deep sorrow in his memory, the lamentable invasion of Curuzu’s lawn, after the defeat by Ituano-SP, by 4 x 1, in Serie C.

“The invasion of some fans in the game against Ituano was the worst moment. Man, I’ve never been through a situation like that. Feeling afraid, impotence, I felt like crap, it was a very bad feeling. However, I leave with the conscience of that I did my best, I gave my best in the games”, he highlighted.

With the certainty that he will not continue with Paysandu, Perema also reveals that he has no proposal to join the other team at the moment. For the report, the player highlighted that he will take advantage of the last days of 2021 to rest, stay close to his family and only after a few days will he think about his new destination in football.

“First I’ll go home to rest a little. I’ll stay close to my father, who had heart surgery a month ago, stay with my family for a while during these last days of the year. Then I’ll only decide later on,” he revealed.

Before playing for Papão, the defender had spells at São Francisco-PA, Águia de Marabá, Duque de Caxias-RJ, Portuguesa-SP and also at alvinegro São Raimundo-PA, also in Santarém. With a feeling of accomplishment, but at the same time sad for not having achieved the goal of putting Paysandu back in Serie B, the defender thanks – in an emotional way – the affection given by the fans.

“I thank the fan who welcomed me very well. They were very good years, I’m just sad for not having managed to put Paysandu in Serie B, I’m even more grateful for the affection they had with me and my family. These were moments that will be saved forever in the my heart. A big and strong hug to all the bicolor fans!”, he concluded.

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