Plane touches runway with landing gear at 90º and tires are destroyed

An ATR-72-500 aircraft crashed while landing at Saidpur airport in Bangladesh. When the twin-engine turboprop touched down, its wheels remained turned, causing serious damage to its front undercarriage, which locked at 90º.

Upon touching the asphalt, the aircraft tires burst.

Registered under the registration S2-AHF, the aircraft of the Bangladeshi company Novoair carried out flight VQ-967 from the city of Dhaka to Saidpur, both in the Asian country. According to information published by The Aviation Herald, the ATR-72-500, which was carrying 69 passengers and 4 crew, arrived at Saidpur airport and landed on runway 34 at 12:52 UTC.

Despite the difficulties, the pilots managed to keep the aircraft in the center of the airstrip until it stopped. Once the engines were turned off, emergency teams moved to the aircraft.

Passengers were safely disembarked and none were injured. Then, the twin-engine was removed from the scene by the Bangladeshi Army, to assess the causes of the incident. Later, the runway received landings and take-offs scheduled for November 18th again.

Yesterday, November 24, the Aeronautical Institute of Bangladesh (AIB) stated that the aircraft suffered minor damage. According to data from the Radarbox flight tracking platform, the aircraft remains on the ground almost a week after the accident.