Police say Marília Mendonça died of multiple trauma caused by a plane crash | Minas Gerais

The Civil Police of Minas Gerais confirmed that the singer Marília Mendonça died victim of polytrauma, caused by the plane accident that occurred in Caratinga, in the Vale do Rio Doce Region, on the last 5th.

In addition to the artist, the pilot, Geraldo Medeiros, also died; the copilot, Tarciso Viana; producer Henrique Ribeiro; and Marília’s uncle and advisor, Abicieli Silveira Dias Filho. All were victims of blunt polytrauma, according to the medical examiner Thales Bittencourt de Barcelos.

Details of the report by the Legal Medical Institute (IML) and the progress of investigations by the Civil Police were presented at a press conference this Thursday afternoon (25).

Video shows the moment when police officers arrive at the scene of the accident with Marília Mendonça

Video shows the moment when police officers arrive at the scene of the accident with Marília Mendonça

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  • Video shows when police arrive for rescue

According to him, all the occupants died in consequence of the crash of the aircraft with the ground.

A pilot who landed 20 minutes after the plane crash said that did not hear any problem on the radio coming from the aircraft in which Marília Mendonça was.

The statement was made in a statement to the Civil Police, which is investigating the causes of the accident, and was also detailed at the press conference.

Coroner Thales Bittencourt de Barcelos. — Photo: Reproduction

This pilot came from Viçosa and landed at Caratinga airport. He communicated with the aircraft where Marília was and no abnormalities were reported.

According to the delegate Ivan Lopes Sales, the witness said that the singer’s plane was in landing procedure.

the police work with two lines of inquiry to explain the plane crash:

  • the hypothesis that the transmission lines of a tower of the Companhia Energética de Minas Gerais (Cemig) would have caused the accident
  • the possibility of engine failure, which depends on an investigation by Cenipa, the Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents.

Image sent by Cemig shows the positioning of the distribution line — Photo: Cemig/Reproduction

The Regional Council of Engineering and Agronomy of Minas Gerais (Crea-MG) opened investigation about the installation of Cemig’s transmission towers in Caratinga, according to delegate Ivan Lopes Sales.

The g1 contacted Crea-MG and Cemig to find out more details, and is awaiting feedback.

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The Federal Public Ministry (MPF) in Minas Gerais follow the investigations about the plane crash. The agency started the procedure one day after the accident. The Aeronautical Accident Prevention and Investigation Center (Cenipa) assesses the causes of the fall.

The MPF sent an official letter to the 3rd Regional Aeronautical Accident Investigation and Prevention Service (Seripa) requesting the submission of the final accident report, when the need to adopt the appropriate measures will then be analyzed.

It was also requested that, if any element that confirms risks to air traffic safety is found, that the fact be immediately communicated to the MPF even before the conclusion of the investigations.

Twin-engine crashed into a waterfall in Caratinga, Minas Gerais — Photo: Carlos Eduardo Alvim/TV Globo

The plane that crashed was a Beechcraft King Air C90a, a twin-engine widely used in executive aviation around the world, from the PEC air taxi company.

The aircraft manufactured in 1984 had a capacity for 6 passengers and was in normal airworthiness, that is, it was within the parameters to carry out this type of transport, and authorized for business aviation.

The Center for Investigation and Prevention of Aeronautical Accidents (Cenipa) reported that the plane has no black box.

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Infographic shows the location of the accident that killed Marília Mendonça — Photo: Arte G1

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