Resident Evil 4 HD Project finally gets release date

From February it will be possible to play RE4 like never before.

the year was 2014 it’s the spanish albert marin decides to start a journey he never imagined take 8 years of your life. He, and a few others involved, simply remade all the textures from the Steam version of Resident Evil 4 Ultimate HD. Published on the official blog, RE4 HD Project finally got a release date: February 2, 2022. The release would happen sooner, if not for some last-minute tweaks, like the insertion of higher resolution cinematics into the game.

The last build available is from 2018. Although you can get a good idea of ​​the work, a lot was still being worked on. In the following years, the team only reported how the project was going, without making any other version of HD Project available. Until September, all that was left was to finish the Separate Ways mode. Now that he’s finished, Albert and the team are optimizing the rest of the game.

In version 1.0 that will be available in February, the entire Resident Evil 4 game will be with new textures, effects, ultrawide (2560×1080) support, depth of field and several other improvements. Textures are the main change, no doubt. Since the beginning of work on this RE4 HD project, Albert, who lives in Spain, the country where the game takes place, went after several different locations that were portrayed in the game. Through photographs taken by him of the real places, he was able to rework the textures of the different environments in the game.

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Of course, many places in the game don’t exist, apart from objects in general, which isn’t a big problem, since many textures can be found over the internet. The guy was so deep in the “joke”, that some objects difficult to know the origin, he found, like the armor that Ashley can wear. This project is a sample of what the modder community can do. Of course this one took years, mainly because it was made by Albert himself during the beginning and it covers the entire game, not just a snippet, or effects.

In your YouTube channel, Albert has released all the complete chapters with the new textures and all the improvements. Resident Evil 4 is a RE fan favorite and one of the most influential games of its time. It is one of the most ported games in history, I think it is second only to Doom and its ports that come out of conventional platforms.


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