Rico Melquiades’ Production Issues Note After Threats in “The Farm 13”

After receiving threats within the confinement of “The Farm 13”, Rich Melquiades informed that he will ask the production not to reveal which car he will be in when he leaves the reality show. All this, because the pawn is afraid of being sanded by the fans of MC Gui and Gui Araújo.

Therefore, in a note, the press office of Rich Melquiades informed that it is taking the necessary measures in relation to the speeches of some participants. Furthermore, he emphasized that he repudiates threats and that the act is considered a crime under article 147 of the penal code.

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“We are closely following and taking the necessary measures in relation to the speeches of some participants of “A Fazenda”, given in disfavor of our rich pawn Melquiades. We alert that threat is a crime typified in article 147 of the penal code and we repudiate Tom and the collegial mentality in which the offenses were pronounced, implying that rich should have mercy for their physical and moral integrity when approached outside the Farm by some maloqueiros , friends of certain pedestrians”, he wrote.

Rico says he’s going to take out the money from the married man Dayane Melo tore up

Therefore, Rico confessed to the pawns that if Dayane Melo sues him and loses the case, he will take 499 reais off his coat. For those who don’t know, last week, the Italian model took a knife and tore Rico’s jacket, leaving a very tense atmosphere among the pedestrians.

However, the floodplain only discovered the participant’s act days later, however, he preferred to leave the situation aside. “If she sues me and I lose the process, I will take out the married money. It was 499, divided into 6 times yet”, commented.

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