See how to delete your photos in carousel posts

The head of the social network, Instagram, Adam Mosseri, announced on his Twitter that instagram brings new updates. A new gesture mechanism for app users to report bugs and issues.

In addition, the app also has a new interaction, where the user has the option to delete a photo in the sequential post, known as a “carousel”. This change has been requested by internet users for some time, Adam Mosseri claims on his twitter that he hears all the feedback about Instagram.

Now with this new update, we have already prepared the article on how to delete your photos in post sequences… Check it out:

How to delete unwanted photos from Carousel?

Deleting photos from the carousel is very easy. First make sure your app is on the latest update. Check your smartphone’s app store. After verifying, open the instagram app and choose the carousel post in your feed. When opening the post, click on the 3 points that are located on top of the photo.

Go to the “Edit” option and then a “Recycle Bin” icon will appear. Choose inside the post which photo you want to delete, click on the trash icon and you’re done!

iOS platform users will have access to this feature faster than Android users. Adam Mosseri says it won’t be long before this is delivered to Android as well.

Rage Shake – New way to send feedbacks.

The head of Instagram cites another improvement to the platform. Rage Shake is another new feature from the latest app update. Well, this feature is for those who like to help improve the application by sending feedback.

Rage shake is activated when you literally shake your device when you have a bug or problem and then a window will be activated where you can send comments. So, this function will serve to inform you if there are any problems such as stories getting muted, application malfunctioning and others.

Finally, comments serve to indicate what should be fixed on the platform. So it is very interesting to point out these errors.

So, now that you know how to delete your pics in post sequences, run to delete that pic that messed up your sequence.

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