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posted on 11/25/2021 23:23 / updated on 11/25/2021 23:31

Looks like the crowd was really excited to go back to a live show - (credit: Reproduction/Social networks)

Looks like the crowd was really excited to go back to a live show – (credit: Reproduction/Social networks)

When it seems that the internet had already surprised everything, isn’t there another novelty? This time, the viral on social networks has a first and last name: João Gomes — more specifically, a show by the artist. For those who don’t know, the stepped-up singer hits the music scene, especially in the North and Northeast of the country, and is now even better known.

This Thursday (11/25), several internet users went public to share the (at least) unusual moments of a show that João Gomes presented alongside Tarcísio do Acordeon and Vitor Fernandes on the last November 13th, at the event “ Pzeiro” in Mossoró, Rio Grande do Norte.

The “unusual” in the accounts of netizens is how things seem to have gotten out of control during the presentations. One video shows a couple having sex in front of the stage — as the show rolls on (no pun intended). A man holds the woman in his lap—with the help of a friend from behind—while performing the sexual act.

Another tweet shows the report of an indignant app driver after a group returning from the show decided to do “number 2” in the car.

A TikTok from an internet user identified as @anabeatriz18021 was another that went viral. The woman claims that fireworks from the performance burned two of her fingers — after the saga of walking 5 km to get to the show.

It does not stop there. Several montages on the video platform show people in an alcoholic coma, falling over and fighting randomly.

You can find out all the (sordid) details of the event in the thread below:

on top of networks

Unsurprisingly, the reports placed the name of João Gomes at the top of Trending Topics, and the artist did not ignore the achievement. Gomes did not comment on the reports, but posted a storie that showed his name on the TTs accompanied by smiling emojis. On Twitter there was a post with a simple “Good night” this Thursday.

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