Sex, messes and drunkenness: scenes from João Gomes’ concert in RN go viral on social media | large northern river

Unusual scenes from a concert by singer João Gomes in the municipality of Mossoró, in the interior of Rio Grande do Norte, went viral this Thursday (25) on social networks. Singers Tarcísio do Acordeon and Vitor Fernandes also performed at the event.

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Some of the images show a couple having sex in daylight and without any concern for the surrounding audience. In the video, it is possible to see that singer Tarcisio do Acordeon was still performing on stage.

The concert in question took place on November 13th in a live house located in the urban area of ​​the city of Mossoró. The party was called “Pzeiro”, in reference to the artists’ musical genre.

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Another video from the show shows a table breaking and knocking over a man and woman who climbed onto it. The event also drew attention for the recording in images of some drunk people around the city, some being carried after the show, others sleeping in public places.

The story about what happened at this show has grown so much that social media users have also linked other videos to the event, but some of them did not take place in Mossoró (read more below in this article).

Couple have sex in the middle of a show in Mossoró — Photo: Reproduction/social networks

In one of those records that were not made at the concert on November 13 in Mossoró, a young woman claims to have been hit in the hand by fireworks fired from the stage of singer João Gomes. She also says that she walked more than 5 kilometers to reach the vaquejada where the singer performed and that a friend had been robbed. The young woman defined the event as “the worst show” of her life (see more in the video below).

But this presentation actually took place in Paraíba, in the municipality of São Miguel de Taipu, last Saturday (20th). Even so, the video with this report went viral as if it had been made in Mossoró.

Like this one, other videos were also not recorded at the show in Mossoró. One is that of a young man who defecated in a gas station convenience store. The record is old and had been circulated previously.

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