State Health Department Bulletin – New Coronavirus

The State Department of Health (SES-PE) registered, this Thursday (25/11), 327 cases of Covid-19. Among those confirmed today, 19 (6%) are cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SRAG) and 308 (94%) are mild. Now, Pernambuco totals 638,595 confirmed cases of the disease, being 54,950 serious and 583,645 mild, which are distributed across all 184 municipalities in Pernambuco, in addition to the Fernando de Noronha archipelago.

Nine deaths (5 male and 4 female) were also confirmed in the laboratory, which occurred between 06/11/2020 and 11/24/2021. The new deaths are of people residing in the cities of Petrolina (2), Recife (5) and Sirinhaém (2). With this, the state totals 20,212 deaths from the disease.

Patients were aged between 51 and 83 years. The age groups are: 50 to 59 (3), 60 to 69 (3), 70 to 79 (2) and 80 or more (1). Eight had preexisting diseases: cardiovascular disease (4), hypertension (4), diabetes (2), immunosuppression (2), liver disease (1), neurological disease (1), kidney disease (1), obesity (1) – one patient may have more than one comorbidity. One remains under investigation.

PROOF OF VACCINATION – As of December 1st, access to public facilities in Pernambuco will only be possible with the presentation of proof of vaccination with a complete scheme against Covid-19. The decree with all the rules to comply with the norm will be published in the next few days in the State Official Gazette. The state secretary of Health, André Longo, explained the new measure during a press conference this Thursday (25.11).

“Despite the stability in the Covid-19 epidemiological scenario, registered in the State in recent weeks, we cannot have the false feeling that the pandemic is over. The initiative aims to protect the population and encourage everyone to be vaccinated against the disease”, highlighted Longo.

The state secretary of Planning and Management, Alexandre Rebêlo, also participated in the press conference, presenting new rules for the event sector and for the functioning of food establishments, valid from next Monday, the 29th. receive an audience of up to 7,500 people, or 50% of the space’s capacity. Remembering that it is still necessary to present proof of the complete vaccination cycle in places above 300 people. Bars and restaurants will be able to increase the capacity of tables for up to 50 people”, said Rebêlo.

VACCINATION – André Longo also reinforced the importance of immunization to prevent new waves of the disease, as currently recorded by countries on the European continent. “Data released by the European Center for Disease Control show that places with higher rates of vaccinated people are recording fewer deaths, proving that vaccines, in addition to being safe, save lives. The scenario we have today is of a pandemic in people who are not fully vaccinated”, pointed out the secretary.

According to a survey by the State Department of Health (SES-PE), 590,103 people from Pernambuco are late with the second dose of the vaccine against the new coronavirus, which worries experts. “A single dose is not enough to guarantee robust protection against the virus. Here in Pernambuco, for example, 20% of people hospitalized with the severe form of Covid-19 were vaccinated with just one dose. Furthermore, 17% of the patients who died were also in the same conditions”, detailed André Longo.

The Health Secretary called the population to take the booster dose. “Evidence shows that, especially in older people, the body loses its immunological memory over time, which reduces protection over the months. The system needs to be strengthened. We have already reached percentages above 90% in the second dose in the population over 60 years old. Now, we need to make the call for these people to increase their protection with the booster dose”, he explained.

EPIDEMIOLOGICAL DATA – The epidemiological scenario of Covid-19 in Pernambuco remains stable. Regarding the cases of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (Srag), the State registered, in Epidemiological Week 46, 391 notifications, which represents eight more occurrences than registered in Week 45 and 21 more than the total notified in SE 44. In the requests for vacancies in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), the State Center for Regulation of Beds recorded 262 requests in Week 46, three more than the total requested in the previous week.

MORE VACCINES – This Thursday afternoon (25.11), Pernambuco received over 165,000 doses of vaccines from the manufacturer Astrazeneca/Fiocruz. The plane with the immunizing agents landed at Recife/Guararapes International Airport – Gilberto Freyre around 15:45 and the cargo went on for checking and storage at the headquarters of the State Program for Immunization (PNI-PE).

The vaccines will be used for a second dose in the general population that has not completed the vaccination schedule. 13,300,312 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 have been applied to Pernambuco residents since the beginning of the immunization campaign in the state, on January 18, 2021.

From the beginning of the campaign until now, Pernambuco has already received 15,722,863 doses of vaccines against Covid-19. Of this total, 5,044,420 were from Astrazeneca/Oxford/Fiocruz, 4,287,253 from Coronavac/Butantan, 6,217,380 from Pfizer/BioNTech and 173,810 from Janssen.

BALANCE OF VACCINATION – Pernambuco has already applied 13,375,948 doses of vaccines against Covid-19 in its population, since the beginning of the immunization campaign in the state (on January 18, 2021).

Regarding the first doses, there were 7,153,232 applications (coverage of 92.99%). Of the total, 5,605,997 people from Pernambuco (72.88%) have already completed their vaccination schedules, with 5,432,924 people being vaccinated with immunizing agents applied in two doses and another 173,073 people from Pernambuco who received the vaccine applied in a single dose. Regarding booster doses (third dose), 616,719 doses have already been applied.

More detailed information on the Covid-19 vaccinated population is available on the Vaccine Monitoring Panel, which can be accessed at In the online environment, there is coverage by group and by municipalities, doses applied x distributed by city, profile of those vaccinated (gender, race/color). There are also downloadable databases.

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