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Procon-RJ surveyed the prices of the main stores in Brazil
Lorena Amaro

Procon-RJ surveyed the prices of the main stores in Brazil

Monitoring the prices of the most sought after products during Black Friday made by Procon State of Rio de Janeiro (Procon-RJ), points to an increase of up to 57% in values ​​on the eve of the promotion. The survey took place between October 27th and November 18th.

The air fryer, an oil-free fryer, was the product that registered the highest increase, 57%. The robot vacuum, which became a fever during the pandemic, had a price variation of 34%. Notebook and cell phone, products always on the list of best sellers in all editions of Black Friday, register an increase of 32% and 28%, respectively.

The survey was carried out on eight major sites. Agents checked prices for at least 80 product categories in each.

In all, 654 items were monitored. Among them are cell phones, stoves, refrigerators, video games, televisions, notebooks, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, smart speakers, microwaves and electric fryers.

The objective of Procon-RJ is to verify whether large online retailers will practice the so-called price makeup, that is, to raise the amounts charged on some products to, during the promotional period, return to the prices applied before, without a real discount.

To see the complete list of products with monitored prices, just
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Price and fine makeup

If an indication of price makeup is identified, administrative proceedings will be instituted, and establishments may be fined.

“The main theme of the complaints we receive during the Black Friday period is in relation to price makeup. Consumers report that companies raise product prices before Black Friday and then go back to the original price to say that the item is on promotion”, observed the president of Procon-RJ, Cássio Coelho.

“Procon-RJ is keeping an eye on this type of abusive practice, and monitoring is being carried out to see if these irregularities will be committed”.

This Friday, the day the event takes place, a new survey will be carried out to determine the prices charged during the promotion.

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