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Flávia (Valentina Herszage) will provoke a fight in The More Life, the Better!. The con artist will be arrested and will suffer at the hands of Cora (Valentina Bandeira) inside the jail. Desperate, she will ask Neném (Vladimir Brichta) for help, who will demand that Guilherme (Mateus Solano) help the dancer out of chess. The two will have an ugly argument on Globo’s seven o’clock soap opera.

At the chapter set to air next Thursday (2), the fake flight attendant will lose the dollars she stole at the airport after having a hallucination in front of the police station. This will happen when she decides to turn herself in and return the money. Police officers will arrest her immediately.

Locked up, she will eat the bread that the devil kneaded in the hands of her former friend, who was her mentor in the robbery. Angry, Cora even sent her bandit brothers, Leco (André Silberg) and Neco (Carlos Silberg), to go after the young woman in order to put an end to her.

Afraid of dying, Flávia will ask Neném for help. The two will be very connected due to the plane crash that nearly took the lives of the four protagonists of Mauro Wilson’s plot.

Worried, the former athlete will go after Guilherme, who is the only one of the well-heeled survivors. He will send the doctor to help the young woman, to be supportive, as they promised when they got their second chance to live.

However, the two will fall out over the request. At this point in the plot, the surgeon will have asked Flávia to turn herself in to the police. He, who will have a romantic involvement with the girl later on, will have even been chased by the bandits brothers of her partner.

To the dancer’s relief, despite the fight, Neném will manage to double Guilherme. The surgeon’s lawyer will obtain a release permit for the dancer to return to freedom. She will leave prison and go straight to the former player’s house, who will welcome her with extreme affection.

The new seven o’clock telenovela premiered on Monday (22) in place of the rerun of Pega Pega (2017). The plot written by Mauro Wilson, due to the security protocols adopted by Globo due to the pandemic, has already been recorded.

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