Today’s horoscope: November 26, 2021; check the forecasts

See today’s horoscope predictions for your sign this Friday, November 26, 2021. Check out the most amazing astrological predictions of the week, health, work, love, money, guardian angel and guess of the day. See the configuration of space, moon and planets for this day.


Today's Horoscope for Aries on November 26, 2021

It is very easy for a love to appear at first sight today. Prepare yourself because the new couple will demand a lot from you. Beware of jealousy or misplaced words with those closest to you. Profitable travel.

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Date of sign: 21/03 to 20/04
Guardian Angel: jeliel
Hunch of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 94-64-70-16-29-73-26


Today's horoscope for the sign Taurus on November 26, 2021

You will receive a very pleasant surprise accompanied by a great affection that you were needing this Friday, November 25th. You will feel very vital and happy throughout the day. Good luck, even randomly, today is the day of success.

Date of sign: 21/04 to 20/05
Guardian Angel: phanuel
Hunch of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 68-97-61-89-36-50-88


Today's Horoscope for Gemini on November 26, 2021

If you speak unthinkingly to those closest to you today, you will limit your successes in the short term. Your dogmatism will make you lose friendships or make enemies, meditate more, not run away.

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Date of sign: 05/21 to 06/20
Guardian Angel: metatron
Hunch of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 43-30-62-21-55-23-99


Today's Horoscope for the sign Cancer on November 26, 2021

Many very active days have been added to you, taking a break will be of vital importance to you. Watch your diet and don’t overdo it with fun, calm down and more self-control. Changed the night.

Date of sign: 21/06 to 22/07
Guardian Angel: Minguel
Hunch of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 52-93-42-9-31-17-58


Today's Horoscope for Leo on November 26, 2021

Your partner will need a lot more of your pampering and attention today. If you don’t have a partner, it’s time to find the right one. Its strong sensual magnetism will attract unlimited passions today.

Date of sign: 7/23 to 8/22
Guardian Angel: Cassiel
Hunch of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 66-78-6-81-74-13-79


Today's Horoscope for Virgo on November 26, 2021

Before launching into new companies, what started ends. Someone very close to you is still waiting for your love. Don’t let any more time pass. Passionate loves that you must analyze and reciprocate.

Date of sign: 23/08 to 22/09
Guardian Angel: uriel
Hunch of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 71-18-96-56-54-39-48


Today's horoscope for the sign Libra on November 26, 2021

Don’t be swayed by pennies and ditties from close friends and relatives. Your intuition and, above all, your heart will be the most correct way to go today. Don’t hesitate at all, everything is in your strength.

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Date of sign: 9/23 to 10/22
Guardian Angel: abadon
Hunch of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 77-69-60-95-57-10-80


Today's Horoscope for Scorpio on November 26, 2021

The most negative aspects of the day will be the burdens that come to you from unfinished business or from the time you spend flying. Otherwise, tranquility and happy moments, especially intimate.

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Date of sign: 10/23 to 11/21
Guardian Angel: Gabriel
Hunch of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 24-4-82-49-98-85-65


Today's Horoscope for Sagittarius on November 26, 2021

Be very careful when getting behind the wheel of a car, the day will be very active and full of surprises, control everything so that nothing surprises you. There will be luck in chance and in business.

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Date of sign: 11/22 to 12/21
Guardian Angel: theliel
Hunch of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 37-87-40-2-14-28-67


Today's horoscope for Capricorn on November 26, 2021

Within you, certain desires have been manifested that apparently cannot be viable in the short term. Do not be discouraged, today something will happen that will fix everything, trust more in life.

Date of sign: 12/22 to 01/20
Guardian Angel: Rafael
Hunch of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 0-92-72-27-7-8-76


Today's horoscope for the sign Aquarius on November 26, 2021

Good times are dawning for everything that has to do with your loving capacity. Show yourself more contemplative than active today, you’ll be in a big hurry and lose what you’ve gotten so far.

Date of sign: 01/21 to 02/19
Guardian Angel: israfil
Hunch of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 44-59-51-12-19-32-38

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Today's Horoscope for Pisces on November 26, 2021

The relationship with others, especially with the couple, will be a little strained in the day. Don’t give more importance to things and everything will happen very soon and well. Have more fun, you must come alive.

Date of sign: 02/20 to 03/20
Guardian Angel: salathiel
Hunch of the Day / Lucky Numbers: 83-11-5-22-86-53-90

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