Tourist mistakes crocodile for animal statue and gets attacked in themed resort

The man was celebrating his 68th birthday when he was seriously injured; see video

A 68-year-old man suffered bone fractures and other serious injuries after being bitten by a crocodile at a resort zoo in the Philippines on November 10, while celebrating his birthday with his family.

Nehemias Chipada was visiting the resort attraction ‘Amaya View’, located in Cagayan de Oro, when she spotted what she thought was a statue of the animal. The tourist then approached to take a selfie and found out in the worst possible way that it was a real crocodile.

The 3.6-meter animal bit Nehemias in the arm and dragged him to a nearby pool, causing him serious injuries. Fortunately, the man managed to break free of the animal’s fangs on his own and ran away bleeding.

See video:

The victim received the first consultations by the team of ‘Noah’s Ark’ (Noah’s Ark) until the arrival of the paramedics. The attack was so violent that one of the animal’s teeth was found attached to Nehemiah’s torn flesh.

On the “Filipino News” website, the victim’s family said that the resort’s management sent financial aid to cover Nehemias’ treatments. Who is now out of harm’s way.

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