Viih Tube poses radiantly bathing on the beach and playing

the ex-BBB viih tube, 21 years old, updated her social networks and recalled a much talked about subject on Big Brother Brasil 21. She who was spending a season in Bahia, posted a photo taking a bath in a bikini on the beach and joked after being nominated by followers during the reality of not taking a shower.

“A rare scene”, she joked in the caption.

got over your ex-boyfriend

Recently, youtuber Viih Tube used their social media to talk about their love life. At the time, the famous woman said that she has a habit of overcoming her past relationships very easily.

“You guys ask me that a lot and always tell me I get over it too quickly. And I think too! I deal very well with this and even with my exes. I see it as cycles that end and that’s ok, it’s no one’s fault! And what helps me to overcome is thinking about the future, if in the long run you know that person is not the one that would work with you in the future, then you already know what to do!”, she said.

“Another tip is: it’s over, now respect what you’re feeling! If you want to cry for days, cry, if you want to go out with friends, leave, if you want to meet someone else, if you want to pass the squeegee, pass! Don’t invalidate your feelings and don’t do something just to get your ex’s attention or to pretend to yourself that you’re fine! It’s normal to hurt at first, but if you respect yourself with what you really want to do, it’s gone and everything goes back to normal!”, he said.

Rumors of you hooking up with your ex

It is worth mentioning that recently there were rumors that Viih Tube would have hooked up with her ex-boyfriend at a party. In her social networks, the famous one discarded and said that she maintains only friendship with the influencer Bruno Magri.

“There are a lot of gossip sites talking about it, but I didn’t hook up with my ex. We’re not coming back, we’re not staying, we’re just friends. He gave me an unfollow, we talked, I wanted to understand why, and everything was fine. Peace sealed. We have nothing, I’m single and so is he. I don’t want to talk about it anymore,” she said.

“Don’t keep telling lies. We have mutual friends and we are in the same circle of friends at various times. And? It might be abnormal for some people, but for me it’s not. I can not take it anymore. It’s very bad to read lies. When it’s true, you can even say it, but I’m not obligated to lie. I don’t like to read lies, it stresses me out. I don’t have the patience for that. I also love gossip, but one that edifies, which is true,” he concluded.