What’s the best position to sleep? Specialist clears doubts

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The best sleeping position is the one that is most comfortable and doesn’t cause any discomfort, right? Wrong! Although it seems like a spontaneous act, according to science, there are benefits and possible harms caused by the wrong choice of resting positions.

For Débora Garcia, a specialist in physiology and well-being, it is never too late to start adopting healthier habits.

“At first it can be difficult to fall asleep in a position that your body is not used to, but it is worth insisting to avoid future problems”, he advises.

1- Lie down on the left side of the body

Débora Garcia explained that the best way to sleep is lying on the left side of the body.

“Sleeping on the left side is good for lymphatic drainage of the central nervous system, improves blood circulation and facilitates digestion, as the stomach and small and large intestines tend to the left”, he explains.

2- Sleep on your back

Despite not being the most suitable position, according to the specialist, it is not totally harmful to the body.

“The joints are able to relax satisfactorily, but the spine does not have its curves respected, and this position can also lead to greater risks of problems with snoring and sleep apnea”, explains Débora Garcia.

3- Sleep on your stomach

According to the expert, the worst sleeping position is face down. Because, just like the previous position, the body is straight and has an aggravating factor, which is the need to rotate the neck to be able to breathe.

“This can cause severe neck pain and the use of pillows can further worsen the condition of those who sleep like that”, says the specialist.

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