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Bahia’s campaign in the Brazilian Championship has been one of frustration and struggle against relegation. Despite the good start of work by Guto Ferreira, the club’s third coach in the competition, Tricolor fell back in performance and hasn’t won for three matches. Therefore, the direct confrontation against Grêmio, scheduled for this Friday, at Arena Fonte Nova, is crucial for the team.

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Gilberto laments Bahia’s situation in the relegation zone — Photo: Felipe Oliveira/ Disclosure/ EC Bahia

Facing another season of fighting relegation by Bahia, forward Gilberto, the team’s top scorer in the season with 23 goals, does not hide his sadness.

– I’ll be honest: it’s a giant burden. Something that hurts like hell, but you have to carry it. Do the best for the club, always deliver the best, always try to score goals and leave with the necessary triumphs to remain.

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– So we have to deliver in some way or another, whether in technique or race, in whatever form, we have to deliver the best to our club and to the fans too, who come to support us. It will definitely support us a lot in this game – complete.

To face Grêmio, Gilberto must have Rossi as an attacking partner. Buffalo should take the place of Juninho Capixaba, who is suspended, and have the first chance as a starter after recovering from injury.

– Rossi is a key player in our team. From the moment he arrived until today, he was always a very important guy and to have him back… So, this is basically what we need. It’s going to be great to have him, it’s going to be great that everyone gives their best, because, as I said, it’s going to be an extremely difficult match, and that they just focus on giving their best. As much as the stands are full to support, forget everything around and focus there on the 90, 100 minutes of the game to deliver something good, deliver the triumph to Bahia – says the center forward.

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The game against Grêmio is scheduled for 19:00 (Brasilia time). Bahia is in 17th position, with 37 points. The club from Rio Grande do Sul appears right behind, with 36 points and one game more.

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See other excerpts from striker Gilberto’s interview:

Difficulty of the ball reaching the attack

– Well, this is an extremely tactical question. It should have been made more for Guto than for me. Talking about tactical issues is talking directly to the coach, with an issue that involves him. And that’s something I don’t like to do, I’ve never done it. I always avoided it. But I think we have to do our best, we have to donate as much as possible and do what he asks. If we can correctly make the ball arrive, and the goals will come out.

Statement by Grêmio leader on “fear” against Bahia

– Becoming a professional football player in Brazil is a very difficult thing. And when you get to a stage like that, you’re not afraid of anything anymore, especially on the field. Off the field they are afraid of some things, because we live in a country where security is not completely stable, but on the field, we don’t have to be afraid of anyone. We have to do our work, what the teacher asks, and in the best way possible. Search for our result.

Goals conceded in recent games

– It’s a tactical question. I can’t rate too many things. I think we had to improve, and our defense will be clear. This starts with the attack. We have to wear out a little more to score under pressure. The times we are in possession of the ball, we have to infiltrate the defenses to score the goal. So it generates greater wear, but we have to support this and always seek the result. I don’t blame this on anyone else. We have a style, the group has a style of play. And the players who were, each has a different style. Now we have a coach who knows the group, Bahia, which is the most important. We got to know Bahia, how Bahia is, how the fans like Bahia. And that’s the most important thing in football: you know both the club, the fans, and what the fans want from your team.

– I don’t think there’s much to say to the crowd. I think we have to deliver. I don’t think talking will solve the problem. What will solve the problem is delivering the result and donation on the field. Because from the moment you give 100%, you are intense, you are active and well focused in the game, the fans will understand that we are looking for the result from the beginning to the end of the game. I think they will understand and support until the end.

– Do you want me to deliver the tactic? (laughs) Unfortunately, you can’t answer that question of yours incisively, say how we’re going to play, that we’re going to join. But I promise that we will deliver as much as the coach asks for, and we will seek our triumph from beginning to end.

Team performance drop

– I would say that mistakes were made by the arbitration that influenced the results a lot and, consequently, we are in this situation. But we also have to assimilate what we did wrong and improve. I think that if we managed to improve, we will be hard work and will achieve our triumph.

– Bahia is constant pressure. What I can say is that without suffering it won’t be Bahia. When we won, it was with suffering. So this is normal within the life of this club. Suffering is part of Bahia, hardened inside the shirt, and we have to assimilate this and put out what we know, which is delivery, have personality to play, have personality when scoring too, because you’ll have to scoring strong, because the opposing players are also good. That’s it, there’s nothing I can say like this: look, if you do that, we’ll leave with triumph. We have to understand what Guto wants, do it in the best way, and deliver the physical part, the technical part and, if possible, deliver more than 100%, because that will help a lot.

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