Aeronauts Union advises the public on the crew strike on Monday

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The National Aeronauts Union (SNA) issued a note to the public confirming that commanders, copilots and commissioners of regular air passenger and cargo transport companies have decided to go on strike, and advise the public on how to proceed. The movement gained support from several entities.

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The crew stoppage will be partial and will take place from midnight (Brasilia time) on November 29, at all airports in the country.

The action must be maintained in the following days, for an indefinite period — until there is a positive response from the airlines in the negotiation for renewal of the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the category has never stopped working, facing the risk of contamination, and has contributed to combating Covid by transporting vaccines, supplies and equipment.

In addition, it collaborated with the companies’ recovery, accepting salary and remuneration reductions that last until today — and it demands in this negotiation only the recomposition of the inflationary losses.

On behalf of aeronauts, the Union emphasizes that the primary concern is with respect for passengers and the safety of all.

The category has the support of society and the common sense of airlines so that inconveniences are avoided.

Supporting Notes

Ifalpa (International Federation of Airline Pilots Associations) released a letter, signed by its president, commander Jack Netskar, in which it expresses “full support for the SNA and all Brazilian crew members” due to the strike approved by the category to start on November 29th.

“On behalf of the community of pilots around the world, Ifalpa is in solidarity with SNA colleagues”, continues the text, which also condemns any possible retaliation and anti-union attitudes against the crew exercising their right to strike, in addition to offering all their support.

The ITF (International Federation of Transport Workers) sent a letter to the SNA in support of the strike movement approved by the Brazilian crew to start on November 29th. The ITF claims to be in solidarity with colleagues in Brazil and provides support “so that they remain firm in their mission to fight for the guarantee of their rights.”

Apla (Association of Airline Pilots of Argentina) sent a letter to the SNA on Wednesday (24) expressing its support for the strike movement approved by the Brazilian crew to start on November 29th.

Apla points out that “company intransigence is not only absolutely unacceptable, but also ignores the importance of our profession, as demonstrated by the pilots and cabin crew in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, transporting vaccines and medical supplies to their country, and repatriating thousands of passengers”.

See the full letter from Apla:

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