Aneel maintains the water scarcity tariff flag for December

The National Electric Energy Agency (Aneel) announced this Friday night (26) that the electricity tariff flag that will be valid in December will continue to be the water shortage, created by the Agency in August and which adds R$ 14, 20 for every 100 kWh consumed.

Residents of areas not connected to the National Interconnected System (SNI), such as those in Roraima and remote areas, are excluded from this banner.

The forecast is that the water scarcity tariff flag will remain in effect until April 2022.

For consumers who receive the benefit of the Social Electricity Tariff, the green flag is now valid, that is, with no extra tariff on the bill. Currently, these consumers were under the yellow flag, announced in November, when they left the level 2 flag, which led to a reduction of R$7.62 for every 100 kWh consumed.

The announcement comes as Brazil continues to face the worst water crisis in the last 91 years. The situation is aggravated by the scarcity of rain, intense heat and increased consumption of electricity.

This year alone, the accumulated readjustment for consumers has already reached 7.04% and for 2022 the agency believes that the rate will be 21.04% more expensive.

Aneel applies the tariff flag system to electricity bills when the cost of energy production increases, as has happened in the country in recent months due to the energy crisis. In an attempt to prevent energy rationing from becoming necessary, the Federal Government activated the thermal plants.

Errata: the first version of this text informed that the new green flag would be valid for common consumers. The correct one is for those of the social tariff. The text has been updated.

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