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The cheering party and the cup that will be raised are the main reasons, but not the only ones that rock Botafogo in the last game of the season, against Guarani, at 4 pm (GMT) on Sunday, for the 38th round of Série B, in Nilton Santos. The club has the chance to further improve the numbers of a campaign that is already champion.

Between individual and collective goals, some brands are within reach of the alvinegro team. Ge listed some that the team can look for in the last game of the season.

Nearly unbeatable principal

If they beat Guarani, the team can achieve 16 wins in 19 home matches in Serie B. With the other two draws and only one defeat, it would be the second best performance in the history of the competition since it started to have this format, in straight points and with 20 clubs.

The best home team players who have played second are Náutico in 2006 and Corinthians in 2008. Both totaled 50 points playing at home. If they win the last round, Bota reaches 49.

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Boot hardly tripped at home — Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

Individual goals are practically concentrated in Rafael Navarro. He’s still alive in the fight to be the top scorer and biggest waiter in this Series B, but it won’t be easy. Both in goals and in assists, the difference is two in relation to the leaders.

In artillery, Léo Gamalho (Coritiba) and Edu (Brusque) have 16 goals. Elvis, from Goiás, has given more passes for goals in the league so far: 11. But a Navarro brand is already guaranteed, that of the most decisive player in Serie B. When the goals and assists are added, that is, all participations of an athlete, the shirt 9 alvinegro leads: 23.

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Navarro has 14 goals and 9 assists in Serie B — Photo: André Durão/ge

best offense and best defense

Returning to the collective aspects, Botafogo also leads in terms of best attack and best defense. There were 54 goals scored and only 29 conceded in 37 rounds. In attack, the lead is isolated, but in defense there is a draw with Goiás.

The team is also first in the number of victories and is second in the list of those with the fewest defeats, with a chance of tying with the first place. A mark that cannot be achieved is the number of routs: Bota got four, while Guarani got six.

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Team was the most consistent in the championship — Photo: Vitor Silva/ge

For the part of the fans clinging to superstitions (no little people), Botafogo can repeat the 2015 Series B campaign, which also ended with a title. If they beat Guarani, Alvinegros will have 21 wins, nine draws and eight defeats, exactly the same numbers as six years ago.

It is a good omen because Botafogo not only returned to the elite of Brazilian football, but also surprised the following season. The club did not confirm the predictions of suffering in Serie A 2016 and ended the championship in the G-5. In other words, he went from second to Copa Libertadores in two years.

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2015 cast was also champion — Photo: Vitor Silva/SSPress/Botafogo

In addition to being the best team, Botafogo was also the most loyal in Serie B, according to the numbers. A brand already guaranteed is a positive usher, in the ranking of yellow cards. The team was the least punished in the championship, 67 times. The penultimate person adds 74, while the leader in the category reaches 108.

Bota is also down there in terms of fouls, with the fifth best number. But it is practically impossible to be last in this ranking, as the CRB reaches the last round having added 60 less infractions.

Barreto was the one who received the most cards in Bota: 6 — Photo: Vitor Silva/Botafogo

A win or draw against Guarani would make Bota close the season with 10 unbeaten games. The team hasn’t known what it’s like to lose since October 2nd, when they won 2-1 against Avaí. Since then, there have been six wins and three draws.

The current sequence already beats another that the club achieved with Enderson Moreira himself. Between rounds 18 and 24, there were seven games without losing. If they win or draw, Botafogo equals the greatest unbeaten record of last year, which ended Carioca, the beginning of the Brasileirão and the middle of the Copa do Brasil.

More than a year later, Gatito could return to the field for Botafogo in the last round

More than a year later, Gatito could return to the field for Botafogo in the last round

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