Farm 13: ‘I don’t want fame,’ says Dayane Mello

Farm 13: ‘I don’t want fame,’ says Dayane Mello. Photo: Playback/PlayPlus

For a few years now, winning the prize in cash may not even be the main objective of many reality show participants in Brazil. Gaining public recognition, taking new flights and engaging projects on social media can be the solution for most: in other words, becoming famous. However, this is not how Dayane Mello think.

in conversation with Solange Gomes, the person complained about the attitudes of Rich Melquiades, as if the native of Alagoas just wanted to appear in the game, in an insane desire to attract the public’s attention. For the top model, that’s not what the reality show is about.

During the conversation, former Big Brother Italy stated that she didn’t want to become more famous in Brazil, but is thinking exclusively about the money that the program can earn her. She also stated that the life of a model is not financially viable and that she chose shares in realities to be able to increase her earnings.

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“I don’t want fame, I want money and stability from my family. I don’t have anything, I’m looking to build something. The only thing I really have is Sofia and I want to give her a better and better life,” he said.

Soon after, the brunette stated that she doesn’t care about material goods. “We will not take anything from here, nothing material. So, the only thing I really have is my daughter!”, he reaffirmed.


Once again talking about the rivalry with Rich Melquiades, Day stated that the man from Alagoas ends up giving her more stage than he would like. The constant provocations, the nickname of Cobra Caninana and thes accusations against the top model they just make her guarantee more playing time.

For her, all these provocations are just another tool to achieve success in the game. “What he’s doing is keeping me in here. If he wants to keep putting me on the farm, I’ll keep going, but it’s something that keeps me here”, he reflected.

Wrong, wrong, you can’t say Dayane is. The constant conflicts with Rico may have really kept him in the game. Whereas her permanence was in a fair vote, unlike what the public found after the field against Gui Araujo, its permanence can be directly linked to the possible conflicts that still have to roll with the pawn.

Reality crap, popcorn with salt and guarana couldn’t be a more fun show for a Friday night at home.

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