Flemish Bolsonaro is what Palmeiras deserves for 2018 cardboard – 11/27/2021

Three years after one of the greatest shames in the history of Palmeiras —a slapstick with Bolsonaro at Allianz Parque after the 2018 Brazilian title—, the club finally received what it deserves: saw “palmeirense” Jair Bolsonaro declare his supporters for the Flamengo in a final of the Copa Libertadores da América against the team alviverde.

“Before thanking anything, just as I said in 2019 and it worked… tomorrow [hoje] we are all Flamengo!”, Bolsonaro said at the end of his speech at the graduation ceremony of the 76th anniversary of the Parachute Infantry Brigade, in Rio de Janeiro, this Friday (26).

But what can you expect from someone who claims to be a Palmeiras fan, who is also half Botafogo, half Vasco, still wears the shirt of all clubs when it suits him, including – and sometimes – Flamengo, with whom he maintains a cordial relationship with the board, the most professional in Brazil?

Palmeiras deserves this humiliation. Three years after starring in one of the greatest shames in its history: allowing the infamous president-elect Jair Bolsonaro, marked by racist, homophobic, misogynistic gestures and not even a club fan, to make the Olympic comeback with a club cup.

It was right after the 2018 Brazilian title that the politician entered the Allianz lawn to celebrate his achievement with the squad. Posed for the official photo, lifted the trophy, took the Olympic lap. Not even the circulation of a video of the president wearing the shirt of arch-rival Corinthians prevented the board of directors of Palmeiras from inviting him. Everything was worth likes.

Three years later, with more than 600,000 deaths behind him and the worst pandemic administration in human history on his resume, plus countless other regrettable actions, Bolsonaro has surprised a total of zero people by playing for the crowd and standing next to the Flamengo, full of top hats that play on the same team as him.

The pandemic has lasted a year and a half, but since its inception, Flamengo and Bolsonaro have been aligned in their ideals. In May of last year, when the virus was not even close to decimating 600 thousand families in the country, leaders of the association justified the return of football due to the lack of protocol in other activities, such as construction shops (?).

Meanwhile, the president defended — and still defends — ineffective medicines, promoted crowding, discouraged the use of face masks and did not even have the ability to immunize himself even in the midst of the deadliest health crisis in 100 years — precisely because of this not you can step into the final stadium. And look, I haven’t even needed to mention Bolsonaro’s “vaccination crack.”

Flamengo defended the return of the public with the pandemic at its height; went to the STJD to play with the fans even with a contrary agreement with the other teams; silenced against the coup and vetoed tribute to a former athlete tortured by the military dictatorship (supported by the president); honored four unknown government allies for “services” rendered to the club (?); and is sponsored by Havan, owned by the denier Luciano Hang.

Anyway, whoever wins this Saturday, it will go down in history that the alviverde team let the genocidal president do what he wanted inside his house and, three years later, saw him declare support for a rival in a Libertadores decision. Congratulations to those involved for tarnishing the history of Palmeiras with this disgusting 2018. The same goes for Flamengo and their pocketbooks.

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