Gui Araujo talks about romance with Marina: “I ended up giving in to pressure” – Exclusive Content

tenth eliminated in The Farm 13, Gui Araujo spoke about his trajectory and commented on the main controversies of the reality during the Live From Eliminated this Friday (26), which was broadcast by TikTok and social networks from The farm, under the command of Lidi Lisboa and Lucas Selfie.

Early on, Gui revealed what he would do differently if he could go back in time: “I wouldn’t have exposed my absolute truths”, he joked.

At headquarters, the serious and focused manner of Gui Araujo bothered the pedestrians. In one of the reality show’s dynamics, most participants rated it as the most grumpy of the season. During Live, he was able to review the moment.

“I wasn’t there to play. I just wanted them to respect my space”, he declared.

Lucas Selfie brought up the brief romance between Gui Araujo and Marina.

“She is a very thoughtful girl, very cute and she welcomed me very well. I ended up giving in to the pressure, yes, but it wasn’t against my will. I just wasn’t managing to surrender”, he clarified.

The presenters noticed that in the final stretch of the confinement, Gui Araujo appeared to be sad. The former pawn confirmed.

“I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but I wanted to leave. I was feeling really bad,” he explained.

hat of truth

Gui Araujo participated in the picture, the Chapéu da Verdade, sponsored by Seda.

With each response from the pawn, the hat revealed the result. Check out some of the controversial questions:

– Is it true that you took a flower in the poll just so the public wouldn’t think you weren’t “a flower to smell”? “True,” he said confidently.

– Did you stay with Marina before the Farm?
“No!” he said.

– At headquarters, you said you played football with Neymar. It is true? “Very much”, he was amused.

burning pawn

to animate the live, Gui Araujo was sincere in the dynamic Queima Peão. The first one chosen to be thrown into the fireplace was Liziane Gutierrez. “It stayed a week and only slept,” he explained.

The second was Valentina. “She cursed me a lot,” he joked.

The third was Dayane. “Moves with a knife, right?”, he joked.

Agent of Chaos or Golden Soap Maker?

At the end, Lucas Selfie announced the result of the public vote on Gui Araujo’s position.

With 66%, he won the “Agent of Chaos” trophy.

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