‘Ninguém Cala’: Beth Carvalho’s song gets a new version and will be played in Botafogo’s game

O Botafogo is in the party! Anticipated champion of the Serie B of Brasileirão and with guaranteed access to Serie A, the team from Rio has nothing but reason to smile. In addition to its success on the field, Botafogo won a posthumous tribute from Beth Carvalho, who recorded in 2008 the crowd singing “Ninguém Cala esse Nosso Amor”. The song got a new version.

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The singer, before passing away in April 2019, recorded her own version of the song that has rocked Botafogo fans in the stands for over ten years. The content will be released this Sunday before the match against Guarani, in the last round of the Brasileirão Series B, at Nilton Santos Stadium.

The song will also be available on music and streaming apps next Friday, December 3rd.

In 2008, Botafogo’s fans released a song that rocked the stands: “E Nobody Cala Esse Nosso Amor”, sung in games until today by fans. In the same year, Beth Carvalho, in love with the club, recorded her version for this corner of the crowd, which was saved to be released in another moment that had never arrived – until now.

In this wave of rescue, the song was completed and Botafogo fans will be able to celebrate the title this Sunday, on the sound system of the Nilton Santos Stadium, with Beth Carvalho’s unprecedented version of “E Nobody Cala Esse Nosso Amor”.

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