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look above the moment when the gates of one of the toll plazas, in Jataizinho, in the north of Paraná, are opened.

The contracts of Econorte, Viapar and Ecocataratas ended after 24 years of concession – marked by the most expensive tolls in the country. See below which are the squares.

Traffic started to be channeled along the side ways of toll plazas in Paraná — Photo: Kathulin Tanan/RPC Londrina

Vehicle traffic in the squares started to be made on the sides, as the central lanes were blocked. The same pattern must be followed in all disabled squares.

Starting this Saturday, the stretches managed by Viapar and Ecocataratas will be under the responsibility of the state and federal governments.

Booths at the toll plaza in Jataizinho were sealed at the end of the concession period — Photo: Kathulin Tanan/RPC Londrina

The highways on the Econorte lot will continue with services provided by the concessionaire, but also without toll collection.

Econorte and the Paraná Highways Department (DER-PR) signed an agreement earlier this month for the concessionaire to provide pre-hospital and towing services in exchange for a R$14 million project that will not be made.

  • Little Jacare (BR-369)
  • Jataizinho (BR-369)
  • Sertaneja (PR-323)
  • Mandaguari (BR-376)
  • Castelo Branco (BR-376)
  • Arapongas (BR-369)
  • Forest (PR-317)
  • Campo Mourão (BR-369)
  • Corbelia (BR-369)
  • Candói (BR-277)
  • Orange trees in the south (BR-277)
  • Rattlesnake (BR-277)
  • Blue Sky (BR-277)
  • São Miguel do Iguaçu (BR-277)

Among the squares released this Saturday, there is the one with the most expensive toll in Paraná, in Jataizinho, in the northern region. Until Friday (26), the price charged was R$ 26.40 for cars.

Toll gates opened at midnight, in Paraná — Photo: Kathulin Tanan/RPC Londrina

At 12:00 am on Sunday (28), the other 13 toll plazas managed by the concessionaires will be released Paths of Paraná, Rodonorte and Ecovia.

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Central lanes of toll plazas were blocked — Photo: Kathulin Tanan/RPC Londrina

How to ask for help in case of accidents?

With the departure of the concessionaires, drivers will remain, for an indefinite period, dependent on the public service or private insurance to deal with occurrences, ranging from tire changes to accidents.

“Some services that were provided by the concessionaires will be interrupted. In light accidents, with no victims, the driver can remove the vehicle from the lane and signal, being able to contact the PRF to clarify doubts about the procedure”, explained Maciel Junior, from the PRF media.

According to the commander of the Fire Department of Paraná, Colonel Manoel Vasco de Figueiredo Júnior, the corporation has always operated on the highways, helping concessionaires in accidents. “The difference is that now we are going to absorb the demands they received through the 0800 and act together with Samu”, he said.

Useful contacts in case of accidents:

  • Federal Highway Police (PRF): 191
  • State Highway Police (PRE): 198
  • Samu: 192
  • Site: 193

The state highways will be under the responsibility of DER-PR, and the federal highways of the National Department of Transport Infrastructure (Dnit). The bodies opened a series of tenders for the provision of maintenance and assistance services on the roads.

The winning companies will carry out pavement conservation, control of vegetation close to the lanes, drainage and signage on the stretches. The validity of the services being contracted is up to two years.

new grant package

See 10 questions and answers about the end of concessions and the new toll model

See 10 questions and answers about the end of concessions and the new toll model

The new concession package is made up of state and federal highways. There are 2,300 km of concessions that are ending and another 1 thousand km of new stretches.

The toll contracts will be divided into six lots, which will be auctioned separately. The decision of each of the lots will be made by free dispute on the stock exchange. The company that grants the greatest discount on the base rate wins.

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  • Government and Union have not yet defined how tariff adjustments will be

The prospect is that the trading session will take place in 2022, with the contract being signed in the last quarter of the year. The Government of Paraná estimates that the new tariffs are 40% to 50% cheaper than those paid in the concessions that were in force.

15 new toll plazas will be created in the state. Among the works foreseen in the package are the duplication of nearly 1.8 thousand kilometers and the installation of a Wi-Fi internet network in all concession stretches.

New toll contracts for highways in Paraná will be divided into six lots, which will be auctioned separately — Photo: g1 PR

The model also foresees the construction of 10 urban contours and additional lanes on already duplicated highways, third lanes, in addition to monitoring cameras and LED lighting.

Most of the works must take place within the first seven years of the concession. New contracts must be valid for 30 years.

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