PGR sends the CPI Supreme Report and asks for action

The Attorney General’s Office sent the Covid-19 CPI report to the STF (Federal Supreme Court). The document sent to the offices of the magistrates of the Court asks for the opening of an investigation and points to crimes committed by authorities and common people. Among those cited are President Jair Bolsonaro, Health Minister Marcelo Queiroga, and Defense Minister Braga Netto.

The PGR also asks that excerpts from the report that point to crimes committed by people without privileged jurisdiction be sent to the Regular Court. According to information obtained by R7, the document is already in the office of six ministers. The actions will be under the report of ministers Cármen Lúcia and Rosa Weber and ministers Luís Roberto Barroso, Nunes Marques, Dias Toffoli and Ricardo Lewandowski.

The CPI lists 80 names that are, according to the investigation of the senators, directly involved in the aggravation and omissions of the health crisis that hit the country with the arrival of the new coronavirus. Among those indicted are representatives of Need Medicines, Prevent Senior’s health plan and federal deputies such as Eduardo Bolsonaro, Osmar Terra, Bia Kicis, Carla Zambelli and Carlos Jordy.

From now on, ministers can authorize steps requested by the PGR, in addition to other actions to deepen investigations. The tendency is for depositions, documents and hearings from the CPI to be used to impute crimes to the accused.

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