Sport’s only victory at Morumbi happened 24 years ago… But against Corinthians; remember | sport

Sport faces São Paulo this Saturday, at Morumbi, needing to win. But it collects a disturbing record at the stadium. That’s because the only victory of Rubro-negro in the place happened 24 years ago, at the 1997 Brazilian Nationals. And with one detail: it was won over Corinthians (instead of rival Tricolor).

The clash of the season also took place in November, during a Saturday afternoon, with 6,142 fans present. It was the first stage of the 1997 Brazilian Championship.

Corinthians x Sport, for the 1997 Brazilian Nationals — Photo: Reproduction

Under the command of coach Eduardo Amorim, Sport beat Corinthians 1-0, with a goal scored by forward Didi. It was the time when Rubro-negro had names like goalkeeper Bosco, defensive midfielder Leomar and striker Leonardo in the squad.

Corinthians, on the other hand, was being led by coach Candinho. The lineup had names like Silvinho and Fernando Diniz, who continued in football working outside the four lines.

That year, despite the victory, Sport did not qualify for the semifinals. The eight best clubs advanced, but Leão was 11th and Corinthians 18th.

Now, Rubro-negro returns to the field in search of victory. The first one about São Paulo at Morumbi, since the Pernambuco club never won the Tricolor at the stadium. The result has decisive weight for the future of Sport, which is in 19th place and seven points behind the first team outside the relegation zone.

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