Woman from Sorocaba, Biah Rodrigues talks about motherhood

Biah Rodrigues, singer’s wife Sorocaba, with whom he has two children, Theo, 1 year old, and Fernanda, who was born on November 10th, made a vent on her social networks, talking about the challenges of motherhood.

In her report, the influencer mentioned the difficulties you have been facing to take care of two young children, especially at this stage of breastfeeding.

“Sleep deprivation makes us very tired, even sad. But I’m here to give strength, to send good energy to those who are also going through this breastfeeding phase on demand. Will pass. I’ve already been through this once and I’ll be able to do it again.”, she stated.

In sequence, Biah Rodrigues highlighted that she has been divided to take care of the children, but not always succeed. “It’s a little more difficult for someone who has more than one child. In my case I have to split up. I have to know how to manage my time, because Fernanda breastfeeds on demand, so it’s when she wants to, and Theozinho has his schedule.”, commented.

“I need to do my quality time too. Sometimes the two call at the same time. This tightens my heart, sometimes I even swallow the tears, because she’s there nursing and he’s crying, wanting attention and lap. It’s not easy”, she vented, adding her anguish in the video caption. “It makes you want to cry, right? It seems that we won’t be able to handle it”, unburdened Sorocaba’s wife.

Faced with the challenges, Biah says she has been trying to adapt little by little to be able to take care of her two young children. “I’m learning to manage my time better with them. It’s working, God is helping me”, he said.

Fernanda’s birth

After Fernanda’s birth, on the night of November 10th, Biah Rodrigues shared a special photo of the moment the birth happened. In the image, it is possible to see the influencer with the baby in her arms, beside her husband, Sorocaba, and also the medical team.

“After finding once more that I wasn’t going to make it, God enabled me and surprised me. First of all, thank you, Lord, for once again not letting go of my hands! My daughter, You were already born a great warrior, even with your little neck having two loops of the umbilical cord, you descended full of strength and desire to come into the world. That was the exact moment when I saw her with those loops around her neck. And through it all, my reaction was to thank God for taking care of everything all the time. As we already felt and knew, everything would be perfect, because from the beginning our meeting was prepared by HIM! May God bless you today and always, my Daughter.”, she wrote in the Instagram.

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