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Although they are the main cause of mortality in Brazil since the 60s, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases they are still neglected by the majority of the population. Lack of adequate treatment adherence, difficulties in maintaining changes in lifestyle and even lack of knowledge about metabolic risk factors for cardiovascular diseases are striking situations in the country. “We live in a trivialization of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases in Brazil”, explains José Francisco Kerr Saraiva, Director of Cardiovascular Health Promotion at Brazilian Society of Cardiology (SBC/Funcor). “People fear cancer, but they often do not take seriously the diseases that kill the most in the country”, he adds.

With this in mind, the Brazilian Society of Cardiology, with the support of AstraZeneca, Bayer and Novartis, has just launched the campaign “Why did you stop? The treatment of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases cannot stop”, an unprecedented project to provide information to people with these diseases about the importance of adherence to treatment. “It is essential that the patient realizes that, when talking about treatment, we cannot stick only to the use of the medicine”, emphasizes Celso Amoedo, president of the SBC. “We know that the change in lifestyle, also abandoned during the period of the pandemic, is essential for patient control and treatment success”, he adds.

“When you extrapolate this to physical activity and controlled eating, which are essential for treatment along with medication, the situation is even more bleak,” continues Amoedo. The SBC wants to alert the population that, in the case of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases, it’s no use simply going to the doctor once a year and taking the medicine. “The medicine is essential, obviously, but it alone does not work miracles”, recalls the doctor, highlighting the fact that 80% of cardiovascular diseases could be avoided with a change in lifestyle. The key is already known, but it remains essential to guarantee the success of the treatment.

According to Saraiva, the campaign “Had it stopped?” aims to bring information to the population quickly and efficiently, with greater focus on digital media. For this, it took advantage of the presence of actor Ary Fontoura, a star on social networks, who already has more than 3 million followers of all ages on Instagram. “Ary did not stop with the pandemic; its growth in the digital environment took place precisely during this period. We want to emphasize that there is never any reason to put aside the control of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases and remember the simple fact that they kill more than cancer in the Brazil”, concludes the director of SBC.

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