Menon: “Victory over Sport sacraments São Paulo’s permanence in Serie A” – 11/28/2021

Relief. This is the feeling of the São Paulo fans after Tricolor’s 2-0 victory over Sport, this Saturday (27), at Morumbi. The result leaves São Paulo in very favorable conditions in their fight to escape relegation in the Brasileirão. The risk of downfall to Serie B still exists, but it has become smaller with three games to go.

At Live from São Paulo, program of UOL Sport after the Tricolor games, journalists Bruno Grossi and Menon talked about the situation for the team after the triumph over Sport. Both acknowledged that São Paulo took a big step to save itself from sticking.

São Paulo reached 45 points, five more than Juventude, the first team in Z-4 and which has a game in hand. For Menon, the victory over the Pernambuco team practically defines the Tricolor’s permanence in the first division.

“This victory may remove the chance of relegation to 1%, 0.5%. One or two points in the last three games confirm São Paulo’s permanence in the first division. that São Paulo was rarely on the Z-4. It was always hanging around there, but couldn’t..

Among the nonsense in Brasileirão, Grossi mentioned the stumbling blocks of São Paulo in Morumbi. These points would be enough to not only take the team out of the current dangerous situation, but also put it in a position to compete for a spot in Libertadores. “If you remember the stumbling blocks against teams that moved up to Serie A, mainly Chapecoense and Cuiabá. If I had won at home, I would have four more points, with 49, and I could even dream of Libertadores”, he added.

Menon highlighted that the Tricolor left his fans worried in the first half. “Today [ontem], this victory was very important and came in the second half. In the first one, São Paulo dominated, kicked a lot, but a lot was missing when deciding, with a wrong pass, wrong shot. It improved a lot with the entry of Benítez,” he analyzed, citing the entry of the midfielder in place of Vitor Bueno.

Grossi stressed that Tricolor once again faced problems when completing their plays for goal. “Benítez once again entered the final straight of the Brazilian Nationals. He provided the assistance for the first goal. We saw a first half similar to that of the other games at Morumbi, especially the last quarter against Athletico. São Paulo had volume, finishing, but with a very bad offensive finish: either with bad finishes or moves in which São Paulo couldn’t finish the move. The team seems very nervous to finish the moves”, he pointed out.

For Menon, with the permanence in Serie A practically assured, the board of Tricolor needs to work as soon as possible in planning for 2022. “It’s 99.9% out and you have to start thinking about next year. It shows a more reliable team. I don’t think São Paulo will dispute titles like the Libertadores in the next few years. At the Brazilian Nationals, as it’s long, if you make a competitive and well-assembled team, it can come. You need to think now, from now on “he concluded.

Don’t miss it! The next edition of Live from São Paulo it will be on Thursday (2), right after the match against Grêmio for the Brasileirão. You can follow the program through UOL Channel, in the app UOL Score, on the São Paulo page on UOL Esporte or on the UOL Esporte channel on Youtube.

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