Novo City changes Honda’s course in Brazil

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New City 2022

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Honda made a broad and audacious move in its line of models in Brazil. At the same time that it launched the fifth generation (third in Brazil) of the City sedan, it also introduced the City hatch, in addition to discontinuing the local production of the Fit and Civic. This will be imported in 2022 in hybrid version. The Fit, despite being considered a high-ceiling hatch abroad, here the market framed it as a minivan. The unprecedented City hatch replaces the Fit. Deliveries only start in March 2022 and prices to be defined.

The sedan costs much more now, between R$ 108,300 and 123,100, all with a seven-speed CVT automatic transmission, starting in January. Honda claims that it grew in all dimensions, but the wheelbase (2.60 m) remained the same, the same as the Onix Plus and 5 cm shorter than the Virtus. Compared to the previous City, it was 5.3 cm wider and 9.4 cm longer, but it lost a little space in the trunk (519 liters; before 536 liters, adding volume under the floor cover).

In terms of style, the evolution is remarkable in front, rear and profile. Touring top version features LED fog and main headlights. LED flashlights are in the other two versions. The interior has also evolved, especially the interior finish. The front seats offer more comfort and lateral support. 8-inch multimedia screen allows you to wirelessly mirror Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, but without induction charging.

The rookie City hatch kept all the folding possibilities of the rear seat and backrest, which were a trademark of Fit. The rear legroom is even greater on the hatch than on the sedan.

Entirely new natural-aspirated engine, aluminum block and head, now with direct injection and dual valve timing with variable inlet and exhaust control, hydraulic tappets (finally…) maintained the 1,497 cm³ of displacement and gained 9% in power: 126 cv (gasoline or ethanol). The Virtus 1-liter turbo engine, for example, delivers 10 hp less (petrol) and just 2 more hp (ethanol). Torque of 15.5 kgf.m (G)/15.8 kgf.m (E) loses a lot compared to Virtus (20.4 kgf.m) and not so much for the 1 liter turbo of the Onix (16.3 kgf.m/16.8 kgf.m). Retakes, common in urban traffic, are good, but inferior to competitors.

The new City was 5% more economical compared to the previous one. Consumption in the city, 13.1/9.2 km/l (G/E) and on the road, 15.2/10.5 km/l (G/E). The fuel tank decreased from 46 to 44 liters (in the hatchback, a tiny 39.6 l). The sedan’s maximum reach on the road is 669 km (petrol) against 759 km for Virtus and 660 km for Onix Plus. In hatchback, maximum range of 585 km.

Interesting feature of the CVT gearbox: it automatically reduces gear when the car detects the beginning of a slope, in order to save the brakes.

Important improvement, which also explains the higher price, is the Honda Sensing active safety package, for the first time in a branded product manufactured here. City Touring includes adaptive cruise control, brake application upon detecting a possible frontal accident (vehicles and pedestrians), lane-stay assistance, lane avoidance mitigation and automatic high/low beam change. There are six airbags as standard in all three versions.

high wheel

BMW increases the bet on Brazil. It will invest R$ 500 million over the next three years in the plant in Araquari-SC. In addition to the new X3 and X4, will produce another model, unprecedented, not yet revealed by the matrix. I’ll advance that it will be an SUV, but as the full nomenclature already exists (X1 to X7), a letter must be added to differentiate it. Land Rover also announced the return of the Range Rover Evoque production, at the Itatiaia (RJ) plant, with the rehiring of employees.

FOURTH Audi A3 generation arrives without basic price distinction between hatch and sedan: R$ 229,990 (1.4 L/150 hp engine; automatic transmission, 8 speeds) and R$ 264,990 (2 L/190 hp; two-clutch automated transmission , 7 gears). I evaluated the two versions, in road itinerary. Even the lowest horsepower A3 (the same engine as the one manufactured here) delivers honest performance. Wheelbase did not change, but the sedan was 4 cm longer. Refined interior, digital instrument panel (12.3 in.), 2 cm lower front seats and gear selector lever replaced by a different shaped button.

PICAPE Mexican Ford Maverick, to be launched next February, will have options such as an electric marine hood and bucket with storage boxes and assisted opening of the lid. Rear seat seat folds backwards. Estimated price in the range of R$ 200,000.

KIA STONIC it takes advantage, like other brands, of the gap in the Brazilian policy of incentives and launches what is considered a “light hybrid”. It is the well-known (for 20 years) reversible alternator with 48 V battery. The advantages: silent engine turn-off system, increase of 1.7% in power and 19% in torque, in addition to freewheeling mode for fuel economy. The South Korean compact SUV has attractive lines and good interior space. BRL 149,990.

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