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The PSDB concluded at 17:00 this Saturday (27) the electronic voting of the preliminary elections to choose the party’s candidate for the Presidency of the Republic. Voting began last Sunday (21), but completion was delayed due to problems with the affiliate voting app — the app was replaced for Saturday’s voting.

Three candidates are in the running — governors Eduardo Leite (RS) and João Doria (SP) and former Manaus mayor Arthur Virgílio Neto. The party’s summit is expected to announce the result by 6 pm, in Brasília.

The candidate who achieves an absolute majority of the valid votes will be the winner of the previews. If neither obtains this majority, the two most voted will participate in a second round.

Of the 44,700 members qualified to vote, around 30,000 voted, added to the votes of last Sunday and this Saturday.

Before the results were released, João Doria, Arthur Virgílio and Eduardo Leite together gave interviews to journalists. They greeted each other, held hands and were applauded for their militancy.

Doria minimized the friction she had with Eduardo Leite throughout the preliminary process. He said that the candidates respect each other and that whoever is the winner will be together. “We are in the same boat,” he said.

The governor of São Paulo once again said that the PSDB is a party without an owner and that “it is not easy” to make democracy.

“Easy is a party to have an owner, in which three or four people sit at a table, and they define a candidate. The PSDB is in [com as prévias] giving an example to Brazil,” he stated.

Arthur Virgílio acknowledged that he had little chance of winning. “I’m going to lose by washing,” he said. But he claimed that the candidacy served to mark his position within the party and in front of Brazilians.

“I needed to talk about democracy. We have difficulties within the PSDB itself. We have a bench that still plays with Bolsonaro. It is necessary to disburse the PSDB,” he declared.

Eduardo Leite, in line with Doria, stated that the candidates will be together, regardless of who is the winner.

“We will know the ways for the PSDB to win the elections [de 2022]”, affirmed the Gaucho. He also highlighted the initiative of the party, the only one to carry out a preliminary process and with debates between the candidates.

PSDB votes to choose the party's candidate for the presidency of the Republic

PSDB votes to choose the party’s candidate for the presidency of the Republic

44,700 members were able to vote, 8% of whom managed to vote last Sunday. The others voted this Saturday.

Although the party only registered two voters abroad, it identified 26,000 attempts to access the application from other countries. Therefore, it blocked access from the outside in order to avoid vulnerabilities.

“We request a forensic audit. The vice president of the party’s legal department will forward it to the Federal Police to be investigated,” said party president Bruno Araújo.

According to him, companies specializing in cybersecurity, technicians from the three candidates and the party structure itself are “processing the vote and making this layer of protection so that we can deliver this result at 5:00 pm and present a candidate for president of the Republic of the PSDB “.

Team at PSDB headquarters that helps affiliates with difficulties to vote — Photo: Pedro Henrique Gomes / g1

The first application used by the party in the previews was developed by the Support Foundation for the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

On Tuesday (23), the PSDB began testing another application, developed by the company RelataSoft, and on Wednesday (24), it informed that the results “were not entirely satisfactory” and that it would be testing with a new company.

The company chosen to continue the voting process this Saturday was BeeVoter (video below).

PSDB hires new technology company in an attempt to complete party caucuses

PSDB hires new technology company in an attempt to complete party caucuses

According to the president of the party, Bruno Araújo, the decision was taken after the application had withstood a prolonged workload of tests.

“Beevoter was submitted to a set of workloads of tens of tens of hours in all, added to the tests carried out by the party itself, by the campaign of Eduardo Leite, João Doria and Arthur Virgílio”, he said.

This is the first time that the party has resorted to holding caucuses to choose the candidate for the Palácio do Planalto.

At g1, the coordinators of the caucuses Marcus Pestana and José Anibal, in addition to the national president of the PSDB, Bruno Araújo, recognized that there are divergences within the party and that the caucuses are the only way to unite the party.

On Sunday, when voting began, Bruno Araújo even said that the caucuses generate a “crack”, but that the winner will have to “lick the internal wounds” and unify the PSDB.

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