BBB champion participates in “Lady Night”

Juliette Freire, “BBB 21” champion, revealed how famous she would like to be and which former colleagues in confinement she received apologies when she left the TV Globo program.

During participation in today’s “Lady Night” (Multishow), Tatá Werneck asked the ex-sister if she had already received messages of this type from any of the participants. The champion replied that she received “several, between audios and texts”, before counting on her finger and revealing that there were four.

After much insistence by the presenter, she enumerated that she received apologies from Viih Tube, Sarah, Gilberto and Lumena.

She also said that she would not resume her friendship with Sarah outside the house.

Friend, not friend. I already have my friends who know me, respect me and believe in me”, Juliette declared, stating that she still loves the ex-sister.

Questioned by Tatá, she said she apologized to everyone, because that way she feels lighter.

Also on the topic “BBB”, the champion stated that she didn’t expect to win the program and only a little fame and money.

O maximum that I thought was to be sub-ccelebrity, who was going do ubut presences VIPS and such, bye”. Juliette

“I really wanted money”, joked the woman from Paraíba, saying that she hasn’t had time to be dazzled by the fame, but that she doesn’t think that will happen.

“There wasn’t time. Stayhey famous after 31 years. I find it very difficult for me to be dazzled by fame and with money,” he said, calling his journey on “BBB” a “real, modern fairy tale.”


Tatá asked the champion what was her opinion about the level of cancellation of the season and its great acceptance.

I don’t want to be idolized and dehumanized. Everything else is poison, it spoils. There has to be balance. Seeing people with reality, defects and qualities”.

She even made it clear that she didn’t agree with the exaggerated cancellation. “(We have a) moral obligation to disagree with bad and wrong things. But we do not have the right to attack and attack anyone,” he declared.

famous who wants to stay

The two still talked about Juliette’s post-fame life and the champion apologized to Tatá in a joking tone when she said that she would like to stay with Tiago Iorc.

I said hi, if you’re dating, I’m sorry.”

Juliette also confessed that she was flirting a lot, but that “the flirting did not evolve”.

The ex-sister also confirmed that she has received teasing from people who, in the past, despised her and, now, she has a “washed soul”.


Juliette also told about her time at Anitta’s house and amused Tatá by reporting that there were drawers in the singer’s mansion that she didn’t move.

“It had everything, of all types, sizes and colors,” Juliette joked.

Relationship with cactuses

Juliette also commented on her relationship with cacti – as her fans call themselves.

“They support me a lot. They defend me. They are wonderful people. I love them a lot. From time to time there are some who go overboard, but I complain, I don’t like it,” he said.

how much have you done

Juliette did not confirm to Tatá how much she had already collected after leaving the program, but she suggested that she had already paid 15 x the value of the program’s prize, which was R$1.5 million.

The presenter, after the answer, joked that she would try to enter the next “BBB” and that this was more than she had done in her life.


The two exchanged praise at the end of the program. Tatá thanked Juliette for continuing to be the same “woman girl” that everyone fell in love with and asked her to continue being “light”, getting emotional when remembering that she won the program on the same day as Paulo Gustavo’s death.

Juliette thanked the invitation and declared that Tatá has always been one of her inspirations.

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