Eduardo Costa is denounced by the Public Ministry for embezzlement

The singer Eduardo Costa fhi denounced by the Public Ministry of Minas Gerais for embezzlement. According to information from O Globo, the document was presented to the Court on Thursday, November 25, by the 12th Public Prosecutor’s Office of Belo Horizonte, involving, in addition to the singer, Gustavo Caetano da Silva, partner in the company EC13 Produções LTDA.

The reason for the complaint is that the countryman would have signed a contract for the purchase and sale of a property in 2015, for the amount of R$ 9 million, in the Bandeirantes neighborhood, in Belo Horizonte. As part of the payment, Eduardo and Gustavo would have offered another property, worth R$5.6 million, in Piumhi, Minas Gerais.

In this negotiation, the partners would have omitted from the two victims that the property had been subject to a repossession action since 2012, in addition to having a public action since 2013. According to the prosecution, they omitted, intentionally (when acting intentionally) that it is a “litigious” asset, thus obtaining “illicit advantage”, to the detriment of the “victims”.

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Gustavo Caetano da Silva, in addition to being a partner, is also Eduardo Costa’s brother-in-law and signed the negotiation contract as a witness. The MP-MG asked for the conviction of the two and also that they be summoned to follow the due legal process.

Wanted by the report of the flux, the singer’s staff informed that he does not comment on the matter.


In 2018, Fernanda Lima filed a lawsuit against Eduardo Costa after the singer called the presenter “a jerk with a leftist speech”. The occasion took place after the presenter of “Amor e Sexo”, from Rede Globo, gave a speech about women in society.

According to Jornal O Globo, Eduardo Costa’s defense used as justification the fact that the singer “is a hillbilly with the language of a farmer”.

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“They call a woman full of eroticism, life and lust crazy. They call the woman who resists and doesn’t give up crazy. They call a woman who says yes and says no crazy. No matter what we do, they call us crazy. If we are famous, let’s go to bed. We are going to sabotage the gears of this system of oppression. We are going to sabotage the gears of this homophobic, racist, patriarchal, sexist and misogynist system. Let’s throw the strait-jackets of submission, tyranny and repression into the fire. Let’s release all of us and all of you. Our fight has just begun,” she said.

Eduardo Costa shared the video on social media and detonated the presenter. “More than 60 million Brazilians voted for Bolsonaro and now this imbecile with this leftist speech!! She can be sure of one thing, the breast will end, the rope always breaks for the weaker side and the weaker side is what she is today,” he said at the time.


This Friday, November 26th, Eduardo Costa used his Instagram account to share a photo where he appears next to his girlfriend Mariana Polastreli. In the caption, the singer said that he is trying to stay more distant from social networks.

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“Once in a while Mariana Polastreli and I will come here to see you. I’m policing myself a lot on social media, you know! Social media is no place to bare your soul. Post ideas, but save your heart for those close enough to look you in the eye. Anyone who throws his soul into the internet fan runs the risk of never putting his pieces together again. Preserve yourself. Intimacy is not for Facebook friend. It’s for real friends. Showing love and intimacy on social media is not intimacy, it’s advertising. Anyway, my people, I love you too much,” he wrote.

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