Vasco confirms goodbye to Andrey, who has been with the club for 17 years | Vasco

Vasco confirmed this Wednesday that Andrey will not be at the club. In a statement, the club informed that the football department and the steering wheel got together in a meeting and decided to go their separate ways. The player’s contract expires at the end of the month.

The decision, however, had been taken for some time.. With Vasco’s 17 years old – he arrived at the club’s futsal in 2004, at the age of 6 – Andrey understands that his cycle in São Januário has ended. He doesn’t hide from anyone that he is Vasco and his gratitude for the club that revealed it, but he is evaluating opportunities in other clubs in Serie A and in European football.

– It was a long journey, which taught me a lot and formed a large part of who I am today, as a man and a player. From Colégio Vasco da Gama to international trips for the professional team, I owe part of everything I am to this club. First I want to thank God for having blessed me with this opportunity, my wife and my family for always supporting me and the fans. I apologize if at some point I didn’t respond, but know that here there will always be a Vasco heart in the fans for better days. Thanks for everything – Andrey said in a farewell note.

Jorge Salgado and Andrey Vasco — Photo: Mariana Sá/C2 Sports

On this Wednesday, Andrey went to São Januário and received from President Jorge Salgado a plaque in honor of his time at the club and a Vasco shirt and the number 156, in reference to the number of times he played for Vasco.

Andrey arrived at Vasco in 2004, he graduated from the club and was promoted to professionals in 2016. In six seasons for the first team, the midfielder played 156 matches, gave 11 assists, scored 11 goals and was champion of Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Michel, Walber and Ernando are also not

In addition to Andrey, Vasco confirmed other departures this Wednesday. In a statement, the club announced that Walber, Ernando and Michel will not have their contracts renewed. The first two, even, had already said goodbye on social networks.

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