Alexa update even warns when the faucet is dripping

In a recent update, Amazon’s Alexa assistant now has “Custom Sound Detection”, a new feature that expands the detection power of various types of sounds.

It is now possible to define routines for Alexa to alert users that a faucet in the home has been left open or is poorly closed, based only on the noise of running or dripping water.

The feature goes further, and can detect the beeps that electronic devices emit. This serves to notify, for example, when a machine completes the cycle of washing clothes or the microwave oven finishes heating some food, for example. The same goes for the noises that come from a refrigerator when it is left with the door open.

Other functions

Amazon developers also announced that the “Ultrasound Motion Detection” functionality will be improved, which allows Alexa to detect people’s movements. The idea is for the assistant to automatically turn devices — such as smart appliances and light bulbs — on or off depending on whether someone is in the room.

From now on, users can also watch TikTok videos directly on Eco Show devices. To do this, just say something like “Alexa, open TikTok” or “Alexa, show me dance videos on TikTok”.

Another recent innovation was the conversation mode, which takes advantage of artificial intelligence to increase the level of interaction with the user, making the conversation more fluid.

It is noteworthy that the devices will receive all these news as they are updated. Additionally, not all features listed are readily available in Brazil. Until then, it’s worth keeping checking the taps before leaving the house.

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