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the midfielder Giuliano is the main news among Corinthians players to face Grêmio, this Sunday, at 4 pm, for the penultimate round of the Brazilian Championship. The game can mark the relegation of the team from Rio Grande do Sul in the event of a victory by Timão.

Out of the last three matches, the shirt 11 has recovered from a muscle injury and can already return to the team as a starter. If that happens, coach Sylvinho can displace the midfielder Du Queiroz to the right side, instead of fanner, suspended.

Another, less likely possibility is the escalation of João Pedro, right-back of origin.

The medium will have more changes. Gabriel is suspended and will give way to Xavier. Willian, on the other hand, in better physical condition, should return to the title role in Gabriel Pereira’s vacancy.

Róger Guedes, Willian and Giuliano at Corinthians training — Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag.Corinthians

Cantillo remains in the medical department and, although it is difficult, Corinthians still does not rule out having the Colombian in the last match of the season, on Thursday, against Juventude.

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A possible Alvinegra lineup to face Grêmio has: Cássio, Du Queiroz (João Pedro), Gil, João Victor and Fábio Santos; Xavier, Giuliano and Renato Augusto; Willian, Roger Guedes and Jô.

If these changes are confirmed, Corinthians will once again count on its famous quartet of reinforcements after ten rounds. The last time that Giuliano, Renato Augusto, Willian and Róger Guedes played together was on October 13, against Fluminense. In total, they spent just 229 minutes on the field at the same time.

According to information released by Timão, this Saturday Sylvinho organized a collective in a reduced space and then organized a work of offensive and defensive set pieces. Some players also took penalties and performed specific passing drills.

Corinthians is fourth in the Brasileirão, with 56 points. Grêmio is in 18th position, with 39.

Check out the list of 24 related by Timão for this match:

  • goalkeepers: Caique França, Cássio and Matheus Donelli
  • Sides: Fábio Santos, João Pedro and Lucas Piton
  • defenders: Gil, João Victor and Raul Gustavo
  • Quitecampers: Adson, Du Queiroz, Gabriel Pereira, Giuliano, Gustavo Mantuan, Luan, Renato Augusto, Roni, Vitinho, Willian and Xavier
  • attackers: Gustavo Silva, Jô, Marquinhos and Róger Guedes

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