Corolla Cross is the biggest lie of 2021 and Toyota takes the Golden Pinocchio

No better electing this or that! At the Auto Chat, December is when the biggest lie of the year is pointed out. And the trophy Golden Pinocchio 2021 goes to Toyota for the launch of the Corolla Cross.

The Japanese company is fully aware of the power of its brand, synonymous with reliability. Furthermore, Corolla is the best-selling sedan on the market. And Cross is the great desire, the current passion of the Brazilian consumer.


So, Toyota Corolla Cross: success guaranteed by the right name even with the wrong project. Like this?

Toyota saved every penny by developing its first SUV produced in Brazil and did not hesitate to launch the Corolla Cross:

  • Devoid of the sophisticated multilink rear suspension that has in the Corolla sedan. Replaced it with a mequetrefe torsion shaft for cost reduction. Precisely in an SUV, taller and where a better suspension is most important and almost necessary;
  • On the parking brake, no electric control, but an obsolete and poorly jumbled pedal for the left foot. Any project a little more modern already foresees electric control, through a button on the console;
parking brake pedal corolla cross
Pedal-operated parking brake (Photo: AutoPapo)
  • Internal finish is rough. On the center console, a square piece of rubber loosened to cover two large mounting screws;
  • Externally, it’s hard to believe the position of the muffler (muffler) at the end of the exhaust, fully visible from any rear angle.
  • The floor height of an SUV must be greater than that of a sedan, as it is expected to face uneven floors. The Corolla Cross is larger than the sedan in a measly 13 millimeters. Enough to classify it as an SUV in the Inmetro classification;
  • Space to take the family is the basic idea of ​​an SUV. It’s also hard to believe that Toyota engineering designed a trunk (440 liters) smaller for the SUV than its brother sedan (470 l.).
  • Maximum savings in the project, but maximum profitability in the product: Toyota increased the price of the Cross by R$ 20 thousand in relation to the sedan.

the lie comes out

At the press release of the Corolla Cross, I asked why the sedan’s multilink suspension was dropped. “It wasn’t eliminated, the project was born that way” a director of the company replied with all his face. He must have forgotten that the lie would come out a month later, when the very same Toyota released the very same Corolla Cross in the US:

  1. Rear suspension? multilink (multiarm) denied to the Brazilian market;
  2. Parking brake command? Electric, also removed from the Brazilian version.
  3. As a bonus, the 4×4 traction that is not even included as an option on the Corolla Cross produced in Brazil.

But Toyota proved to know the markets where it operates very well. I would never offer the North American consumer a “naked” car as it sells in Brazil and which has earned it the jocular nickname of Cross Credo.

But, nickname or not, the recently launched Corolla Cross is already one of the sales leaders in its segment in Brazil.

Did you need to offer more and charge less?

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