Documento projects Corinthians with two directors for the base; one of the positions does not exist in the bylaws.

Corinthians may have two directors from the youth categories, one of them occupying a position that does not exist in the club’s statute. At least this is what appears in the most recent official document of the Orientation Council (CORI) sent to the members at the request of the president of the body, Dr. Ademir de Carvalho Benedito.

In the document, to which the my helm had access, CORI representatives are summoned to an ordinary meeting on the next 7th, at Parque São Jorge. Item D of the call reads: “Presentation by the General Director of Base Soccer, Mr. Oswaldo Gomes Corrêa Neto, and the Base Soccer Director, Mr. Jacinto Antônio Ribeiro”. The position that Neto would take on is not included in the Corinthians statute. – see reproduction of the document below.

Document sent to the members of the Guidance Council

Document sent to the members of the Corinthians Guidance Council (CORI) that the Meu Timão portal had access to


Since Duilio Monteiro Alves assumed the presidency, Oswaldo Neto received the post of director of the youth categories. According to the CORI document, the advisor will assume the position of General Director of the Base, which, as mentioned above, is not included in the club’s bylaws.

A change in Neto’s position would automatically empty the base director’s chair. And, according to the document sent to the members of the Deliberative Council, it would be occupied by Jacinto Antônio Ribeiro.

Jaça, as he is known on the boulevards of Parque São Jorge, is a lifetime adviser, political godfather of former president Andrés Sanchez and, for nearly three decades, an influential figure in Corinthians amateur football.

In 2018, for example, the board member was appointed deputy director of the base. It stayed for a short time after coming into conflict with then director Carlos Nujud. In early 2019, Corinthians decided to create the Under-23 category and Jaça became one of those responsible, staying until the current season. The category could be extinct in 2022.

The report of my helm contacted Corinthians communications to hear President Duilio’s side. The answer was that the agent understands that there was a mistake in the document written by CORI, as the only director of the base is Oswaldo Neto. The communication also asked the report to get in touch with Dr. Ademir. This was done.

“The president spoke to me earlier. I want to clarify that it was a mistake on my part to include Jaça’s name as director, he is an advisor who has always helped at the base, it is normal for departments to have this help from an assistant or an advisor and Jaca always helps at the base. But this director situation was really my mistake.“, said Dr. Ademir de Carvalho Benedito, president of CORI.

At the moment, the club’s official website has only Oswaldo Neto with the nomenclature of General Director of Grassroots Football.

In time: Carlos Brazil, hired from Vasco in June this year, will continue as General Manager of Corinthians’ youth categories. In theory, below Neto.

Corinthians Statute n

The Corinthians bylaw does not include the position of General Director of the Base Categories, but Base Soccer Director


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