Halo Infinite: player gets 23 kills with just one shot

Infinite Halo is coming and while the game isn’t released, fans are having fun at the free beta of multiplayer released on Xbox last month.

In the meantime, while many are content with the usual matches, others are looking for different ways to enjoy the multiplayer mode free trial. As is the case with the player Sakana, who achieved absurdities 23 slaughters with just one bullet when testing the power of the high-precision rifle in the new Halo.

The feat was shared on his Twitter profile, showing that it is possible to eliminate dozens of opponents with a single shot.

The clip, published on the social network on November 30, already has more than 310 thousand views and 20 thousand likes, and shows how the test was carried out. In the screenshots, Sakana shows more than 20 other players lined up, and then fires at them. Kill count shows 23 deaths in a few seconds.

Of course, hardly anything like this would happen during a normal match, but the joke shows that it is possible to eliminate more than two dozen opponents with a single shot.

Released on November 15th of this year, a few days later the free beta of the new game from 343 Industries had already attracted the attention of cheaters.

Infinite Halo arrives on December 8th with versions for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC. subscribers of Xbox Game Pass will have access to the game through the service’s catalog at launch.

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