Letícia Bufoni is present at STU and declares she supports Rayssa | skateboard

Letícia Bufoni will not be on the STU tracks. But whoever thinks that the skater will be left out of the event is wrong. Letícia came to Rio de Janeiro as a fan, following the event from the stands. The legend of skate street wants to enjoy the fan moment and doesn’t deny that he has a declared fan base.

Letícia Bufoni is present at the STU — Photo: Clara Casé

The STU Open Rio takes place until Sunday at Praça Duó, in Barra da Tijuca. Sportv channels broadcast on Saturday and Sunday from 1pm on sportv2. You can also follow the complete coverage of ge.globo in real time.

Letícia’s choice not to compete is due to all the intensity of her year 2021. The athlete competed in the Tokyo Olympic Games and in two stages of the Skate Street World Championship. Bufoni wants to make the most of the event and relax in the wonderful city enjoying a lot of skateboarding.

– Dude, being outside is really good, because I can relax. When we’re competing, we can’t relax too much, we’re 100% focused on competition. And the last four or five times I came to Rio was to compete, so I couldn’t enjoy anything. So this time I’m just following my friends, watching the first event after the pandemic, after the Olympics… I couldn’t miss it.

Letícia’s expectations are high for STU. The athlete came to follow the semifinals of the women’s skate street and the men’s park. Bufoni will also be a presence in the finals, which take place this Sunday.

– This event I think will be amazing! Even more so now is the moment skateboarding is living in Brazil. So it’s very important to have an event like this to strengthen even though Brazil is the country of skateboarding and surfing.

And Letícia fans don’t hide who she’s going to send her good vibes to. As expected, Bufoni will be giving all his support to his great partner Rayssa Leal.

– There’s no way I can lie. Of course I have my fans always. I always root for the person who is closest to me, who is my friend, who is always with me, who is Rayssa. But I have a lot of friends here, everyone I started skating with, started competing 15 years ago, is here. So I’m going to root for Karen, for Rayssa, for everyone!

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