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Yasmin Pesinato Benedetti, 17, the teenage miss from São Paulo who disappeared last Thursday (2), was found in Passo Fundo, in Rio Grande do Sul, where her father lives, and is safe. The information was confirmed by the mother, Agatha Marion Pesinato.

The young woman would have gone alone, without telling her parents about the trip. Yasmin would participate in a state beauty pageant this weekend.

She left home with R$200 to buy a bikini and, since then, was missing.

This Saturday (4), the family received information about the location of the young woman and passed it on to the police, who were carrying out searches for her.

Yasmin is doing well and now the matter will be dealt with in the family.

The girl’s mother sent the following message:

Yasmin was found in Rio Grande do Sul, where her father lives, and is safe. It was a big scare for all of us, but now we’re relieved. We are grateful for the support of all those who mobilized and prayed for us, the support of the 7thDP and DHPP police officers, and also the support of the press. Thank God she’s fine and now we’ll deal with the family issue

remember the case

Yasmin left home with R$ 200 to buy a bikini on Thursday (2) to participate in the state beauty contest this weekend and disappeared.

The young woman has been living with her mother and stepfather for four years at Rua Joaquim Ferreira, 116, in Barra Funda. The store where the young woman went to buy the piece is a kilometer away from her house.

A classmate of Yasmin’s said he saw her at school, around 2 pm on the same day. However, the students are already on vacation and the young woman has already graduated from high school.

According to the teenager’s friends, a few days ago, when she was leaving school, the young woman was approached by a man who was driving a car. He complimented her and asked for her cell number. Fearfully, Yasmin passed the wrong contact.

Then the man, whose identity remains unknown, tried to add Miss Teen to social media.

Yasmin’s mother, Agatha Marion Pesinato, texted her daughter around 1 pm, on the day of the disappearance. She visualized but didn’t respond.

Agatha thought she was busy trying on clothes. When he returned from work, around 6:30 pm, he did not find his daughter at home.

Still believing that Yasmin could have gone to the mall, at 7 pm he sent another message, which was not delivered. Calls were also going to voicemail.

Miss Teen São Paulo announced, on its social networks, that the contest was suspended. “We are all in solidarity with this moment of anguish and apprehension that the mother, family and friends of our Miss Teen Cidade São Paulo and hoping for news and a solution to the case”, stated the organization.

The case was registered at the 23rd Police District and referred to the 7th Police District for investigation.

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