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At 27, model Diana Geniath discovered that she was the biological daughter of the man she called stepfather since childhood. Her maternal family is from Tocantins, but nearly two months ago Diana decided to start over in João Pessoa, Paraíba.

It all started with Diana’s mother’s troubled marriage, she was married for six years to the man the model now calls ‘caring father’, after she discovered she had no blood connection. Marriage was going through crises and comings and goings, which Diana justifies today as an abusive relationship that resulted from a time when women’s rights were even more repressed.

Diana’s mother lived in a rural area, and on one of the breaks with her husband she became involved with a driver she met near their home. It was a passing case and, shortly thereafter, she returned with her husband. After more fights, the couple came to a definitive end. But Diana’s mother was pregnant, certain that her daughter was the man to whom she had been married for several years.

Separated, she was reunited with the driver and they began a relationship. He then agreed to take care of the daughter he believed to be the current wife’s ex-husband, and that was it for 27 years.

Diana discovered the truth about her origin through a dream. The dream was actually a warning.

“A woman told me that I wasn’t my father’s daughter, but an alien experience,” she says, amused.

They always noticed similarities, but they didn’t suspect. On the left the father and on the right Diana. — Photo: Personal archive

Incredulous and with a comical look, the model told the story to her mother and, then, stepfather. While the mother laughed, the stepfather asked: “what if the alien is me?”. Doubt then began to haunt Diana day and night, and she decided to take a DNA test. It was then that she discovered that she was 99.9% genetically compatible with the man she had as her mother’s husband.

“My world fell apart, everything started to make sense, our similarities that we ignored”, says Diana.

But not everything was smooth in the discovery. Diana said that until she was 4 years old, she was very close to her stepfather, until her sister was born. This sister would be his first biological one. From there everything changed. The model says they had totally different childhood and adolescence, different schools, trips she didn’t have, stories she didn’t live.

This is because the sister was considered a legitimate daughter by the family of the man who considered her stepdaughter. She felt left out, and didn’t have such a close relationship with her mother’s ex-husband, who she believed to be her real father.

After the discovery, she went through difficult times until acceptance, she needed therapy.

“I felt very angry, not just for the material issue, but because I didn’t feel I belonged my whole life. I felt a lot of sadness”, said Diana.

Her mother asked her forgiveness for the confusion, but the model always understood. He believes that the lack of sexual education at the time made the mother not think she could have gotten pregnant from someone other than her husband.

It all happened in August of this year, after the acceptance process, Diana was reunited with her mother and now biological father. He also traveled to Brasília to meet the family of his new father, with whom he had had very little contact.

Diana with her biological mother and father on their first date after discovery. — Photo: Personal archive

“I was thrilled to meet my grandmother, I was very well received and I felt loved. I feel it was an important page, now I know where I came from, I feel I belong”, he says.

Even though she lives in different states, Diana says that the relationship with everyone is great, that she feels lighter with the discovery and is grateful for the warning in her dream.

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