SBT reveals cause of death of Noemi Gerbelli, director Olivia de Carrossel

The SBT issued a statement revealing the cause of death of Noemi Gerbelli (1953-2021), director Olivia, from the soap opera Carrossel (2012). The actress, who was 68 years old, suffered a stroke, went to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), and was already at home, still being cared for.

“It is with deep regret that SBT regrets the death of actress Noemi Gerbelli, 68, on the night of Wednesday, December 1st, as a result of a pulmonary embolism. About 20 days ago, Noemi had a stroke and after treatment in the ICU, she was recovering at home under the care of her family members, when an embolism occurred that led to her death”, says an excerpt of the text.

The channel also recalled the arrival of the veteran on the channel, and some attractions that she was part of. “On SBT, Noemi made her first guest appearance in the 1998 soap opera Fascinação, and was in the comedies ‘Ô Coitado’ and ‘Fala Dercy’, with Dercy Gonçalves”, the text continued, highlighting her role in the children’s soap opera of success: “But it was like the unforgettable Director Olivia, from the soap opera Carrossel (2012) that Noemi achieved great success, both with children and with parents and grandparents”.

In addition to the plot, Noemi was present in the series Patrulha Salvadora, a four-season spin-off. In addition, he made the films Carousel (2015) and Carousel – 2: O Sumiço de Maria Joaquina (2016), in addition to dubbing the cartoon Carousel.

“Charismatic, good-humored and affectionate, Noemi was very dear to her colleagues and friends at SBT, who offer all their solidarity to her daughter Bianca, her niece Vanessa Gerbelli, to friends and family, wishing that God would comfort them at this time,” the text said. , still praising the famous woman’s attitude in donating her organs, and that a wake will not be held, as she will be cremated.

Maisa and Larissa Manoela say goodbye to Noemi

The actresses used Instagram to pay tribute to Naomi. They worked together in Carrossel, when they gave life to Valéria and Maria Joaquina, students of Escola Mundial, headed by director Olívia, character of Noemi. “Thank you, Nonô, for all your teachings, for being this person full of talent and the most outstanding director in the hearts of a whole generation. May your soul rest in peace, we will always remember you with great affection! May God comfort the hearts of all friends and family,” wrote Maisa, sharing an old record.

Larissa Manoela posted a scene of Maria Joaquina with director Olívia at the beginning of the soap opera. “How many teachings… I remember the texts that were stale before entering the scene, the conversations in the dressing room, the calls for attention, after all, it was not easy to be with 16 frantic children daily, but she could manage it”, she wrote in an excerpt.

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