Seized notebook helps to investigate 200 names linked to faction in Ceará

A booklet seized by the Police Station for Robbery and Theft (DRF), of the Civil Police of Ceará, with approximately 200 names of people who were part of the Comando Vermelho (CV) drug trade was seized and should start a new investigation involving the organization criminal. In addition to names and telephone numbers, the material also provides amounts for the illegal trade in narcotics of at least R$ 200 thousand.

The notes, which are attached to the inquiry, were found with Luís Antônio da Costa Sampaio, 32, known as Luan Carioca or XT, arrested last Wednesday, 1st, in Fortaleza. He is considered one of the heads of CV and controlled drug trafficking in the cities of Santa Quitéria, Ipu, Hidrolândia, Independência, Catunda and Sobral in Ceará. He had four outstanding arrest warrants for bank robbery, armored car explosion, homicide and drug trafficking.

According to information from the DRF holder, Rommel Kerth, the names should be passed on to the Division for Combating Drug Trafficking (DCTD). XT broke his cell phone at the time of arrest, but the notes should help with police work. Recently, notes seized from Valeska Pereira Monteiro, known as Majesty, resulted in the Anullare operation, which called for the arrest of approximately 800 people, all considered CV managers. Now, with XT’s arrest, the Civil Police must dismantle yet another branch of the criminal organization in Ceará.

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The arrest of XT was considered by the Police Station one of the most important arrests of 2021. Luan Carioca or XT, as he was known, was born in Nova Russas, but lived since he was 15 years old in Rio de Janeiro, in the community of Rocinha, where he started in crime . He was threatened with death and shot, then returned to Ceará. In that return, he brought with him the articulations of the Comando Vermelho.

He was part of a gang specializing in car bombings and attacks on banking institutions. The group was led by Mariano Sampaio, Marianinho. Between 2017 and 2019, this group committed several actions in Ceará. On July 10, 2019, Marianinho was killed in Bahia after a confrontation with the Police.


Head of faction responsible for extortion of businessmen and attacks on armored vehicles is arrested in Fortaleza

Four attacks on banks were registered in 2021 in Ceará; reduction occurs since 2017

With the death of Marianinho, XT, who was his cousin and right-hand man, remained in charge of the organization. However, other members of the group were arrested and they migrated from attacks on banks and armored cars to drug trafficking. What financed the attacks was the illegal sale of narcotics, so they continued with the supply of drugs and added murder and extortion of merchants to the range of illegal activities. The group demanded from the businessmen an allowance so that the establishments continued to function without the interference of the faction.

An audio released on the Internet shows a merchant in the city of Independência denouncing the extortion led by XT and claiming that businessmen in the region have gathered to fight criminals. For delegate Rommel Kerth, this audio only confirmed what the Civil Police had been investigating for six months. XT had moved to Fortaleza and controlled, from afar, the accounting of the traffic and the steps of the faction.

He was arrested in a condominium in Grande Messejana, from which he tried to escape, but was captured. In addition to the arrest warrants, he was charged with a crime for drug trafficking after police officers found cocaine in his apartment. Deputy Rommel Kerth noted that the faction chief always appeared to be a “citizen” in the middle-class apartment, where he lived with his wife and child.

He was being investigated by the Federal Police for a strong-car robbery in 2018, on the borders between Ceará and Rio Grande do Norte. In addition, several inquiries cited Luan Carioca as an explosiveist and driver in the escapes from criminal actions. Now, he is in the Ceará penitentiary system. According to the DRF delegate, residents of Santa Quitéria, Hidrolândia and other cities affected by the criminal’s actions commemorate his arrest.

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