“Actually, I wanted him dead”, says pregnant aunt killed by Wanderson

After the arrest of Wanderson Mota Protácio, 21, this Saturday morning (4/12), Raniere Aranha Figueiró’s aunt feels “relieved to know that he will not commit this crime with any family”. The caretaker is accused of stabbing his 19-year-old partner, his 2-year-old stepdaughter and a farmer in the region of Corumbá de Goiás, in the surroundings of the Federal District. Helena Aparecida Figueiró, 37, said that, “actually, I wanted him dead”.

The young man turned himself in this Saturday morning (4/12) after invading a rural property in the municipality of Gameleira de Goiás (GO). He had been fleeing authorities for six days. There, he was welcomed by the owner of the farm, Cinda Mara, who convinced him to surrender. The caretaker had a .38 caliber revolver stolen from his boss, in Corumbá de Goiás, as well as a cell phone and ammunition of different calibers.

See the moment when the “New Lázaro” is arrested:

For Helena Aparecida, the caretaker was “smart”. “If he stayed longer, he knew he would be sifted out like Lázaro was”, he says. The deceased’s aunt returned to the crime scene, in Corumbá de Goiás, as soon as she learned of Wanderson’s arrest. “After I went [no local do crime], it seems that the pain is greater”, he laments.


In a press conference at the 3rd Regional Police Station of Anapolis, about 55 km from the capital of Goiás, the Secretary of Public Security of Goiás, Rodney Miranda, said that the caretaker confessed to the crimes, after turning himself in to PM agents, at a post located in Gameleira de Goiás.

At the press conference, which was attended by the regional delegate from Anápolis, Vagner Coelho, the owner of the SSP-GO said that the criminal will be liable for femicide, abortion (since his wife was four months pregnant), robbery (theft followed by death ) and firearm theft. Added together, the sentences exceed 100 years in prison.

The security forces surrounded the region of Alexânia, Abadiânia and Gameleira de Goiás. According to Rodney, the strategies drawn up by the police considered the risks that the community ran with the individual on the loose. “We tightened the fence, mainly in the rural area. Earlier today, he turned himself in and is being heard by the police”, said the secretary.


serial crimes

After stabbing his wife’s belly and also stabbing his stepdaughter, the caretaker stole the boss’s gun and shot 73-year-old rural producer Roberto Clemente de Matos, who lived next door to the property where the caretaker worked. The criminal attacked, tried to rape and shot the farmer’s wife in the shoulder. She only escaped because she pretended to be dead in a thicket. The man even hit Cristina Nascimento Silva, 45, and bit her face. The woman is admitted to a hospital in Goiânia (GO) and is at risk of losing her eyesight.

A truck stolen from the farmer next door to where Wanderson worked was abandoned on a nearby highway. Wanderson sold the cell phone that belonged to his wife to a receiver in Alexânia, who was eventually arrested. From the city, he fled by taxi to Abadiânia. A taxi driver confirmed to the metropolises who made the trip. “Could have been killed,” the man said.

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