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The State Secretariat for Culture and Creative Economy (Sececrj) launched today (3), at the 20th International Book Biennial in Rio de Janeiro, the Inclusive Culture in Networks notice, celebrating the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, celebrated on this date.

Book Biennial (Photo: Leonardo Ferraz/Disclosure, via Agência Brasil)

Book Biennial (Photo: Leonardo Ferraz/Disclosure, via Agência Brasil)

The notice will award 300 cultural productions with R$ 5 thousand each, totaling an investment of R$ 1.5 million. The public call is part of the Pacto Cultural RJ, which will ensure, by the end of this year, R$ 75 million in financial incentives for the state’s culture.

The Secretary of State for Culture and Creative Economy, Danielle Barros, highlighted that the launch of a historic public notice took place “in a house as historic as the Bienal. Our purpose is to democratize culture throughout the state, so there is nothing fairer than launching a public notice that guarantees more opportunities for people with disabilities,” he said.

The Inclusive Culture on Networks notice will select cultural productions in the areas of music, dance, theater, circus, audiovisual, reading and literature, museum and memory, cultural heritage, visual and visual arts, fashion and gastronomy. To participate, candidates must prove disability, be over 18 years old, live in the state of Rio de Janeiro and have at least one year of experience in the area of ​​culture.

During the entire Bienal, which will run until the 12th of this month at Riocentro, in the west side of Rio, Sececrj will have its own stand, called the House of Reading and Knowledge, to honor cultural makers from all over the state.

The superintendent of Reading and Knowledge at Sececrj, Yke Leon, considered that this will be an opportunity to democratize access to culture. “We built the stand’s schedule with a plural proposal, to cover all areas of literature. It will be a great opportunity to open a communication channel between these culture makers and the public as a whole,” he said.

To access the space, it will be necessary to present proof of vaccination for those over 12 years of age. Distance between visitors and use of masks will be required.

On this first day of the event, the House of Reading and Knowledge provides lectures, book launches and storytelling for the audience. Altogether, there will be nearly 100 attractions during the ten days of programming, including the participation of carnival designer and set designer Milton Cunha, who will launch the book Viva e Enjoy, tomorrow (4).

On the 12th, closing the attractions at Sececrj’s stand at the Bienal, former member of Casseta e Planeta, comedian and cartoonist Reinaldo Figueiredo, launches the book Paradas Musicais, which brings together comics, cartoons and texts. The complete schedule of Sececrj’s booth can be checked on the internet.

passion to read
Also at the Bienal, the city of Rio de Janeiro will have an arena, called Paixão de Ler, to receive artists, parents, educators, researchers, scholars, storytellers, reading mediators and authors.

In a space of one hundred square meters, the Municipal Department of Culture is going to promote the 29th edition of the Paixão de Ler festival, inviting names from black literature that deal with identities, representations and ancestry, among other elements.

With a capacity for up to one hundred people, the stand will also be occupied by actions from the secretariats of Women, Youth and Government and Public Integrity, which alternate during the Bienal’s opening period, from 10 am to 10 pm.

The Secretariat for Policies and Promotion of Women, for example, will promote dialogues between generations: black griot writers and artists dialogue about their life trajectories and artistic productions, with the mediation of women from new generations. The first table, tomorrow (4), will bring together artist and trans activist Denise Thaina and a trans student from the municipal education network in the debate.

At the end of each meeting, the audience will participate in a dynamic of creative writing to produce a post on social networks about the desired reality for the future. The five best of the day will be published on the Women’s Secretariat networks.

The Paixão de Ler space will have two fixed hours, from Thursday to Sunday (at 5 pm and 7 pm). At the opening ceremony, homage was paid to the Rio de Janeiro writer Sonia Rosa, known for her affective black literature for children and young people. Considered one of the greatest national references in black literature, Sonia Rosa is the author of more than 50 books. Black protagonism is the main focus of the writer in her stories.

After the Bienal, the Paixão de Ler festival will be taken to the Museum of Afro-Brazilian History and Culture (Muhcab), in Gamboa, between December 16 and 19, with the theme Black children’s literature and anti-racist narratives.

The programming in the city hall’s space at the Bienal is 100% free and can be checked over the internet.

Free registration opened at 6:00 pm and can be made for a period of 45 days, until 6:00 pm on January 17, 2022, exclusively through the internet, through the Desenvolvimento Cultura platform.

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