body is veiled in Paraná

The body of sales promoter Amanda Albach, 21, found dead on Friday (3), is hidden this morning in the Municipal Cemetery of Fazenda Rio Grande, in the metropolitan region of Curitiba.

The body was released yesterday (4) by the IML (Medical-Legal Institute) of Santa Catarina after the recognition of a family member.

According to the family’s lawyer, Michael Pinheiro, the wake began at 5:40 am and will continue until the end of the morning, when the body will be buried around 11:30 am.

Amanda’s body had been missing since November 15th. He was located on the Friday buried at Irapirubá Norte beach, in Laguna, Santa Catarina.

What is known about homicide

According to the Civil Police, Amanda Albach was killed for photographing an armed man with a history of drug trafficking, who feared being denounced.

The victim had been missing since November 15, the day after being seen for the last time at beach club P12, in Jurerê Internacional, an upscale region of Florianópolis. One of the suspects in killing her was a colleague who accompanied her to a nightclub.

The trio of suspects —composed of a couple who accompanied Amanda on a trip during the festival of the Proclamation of the Republic and a man, seen with her at the party— was arrested in Canoas (RS). They lived together in Imbituba, 90 km from Florianópolis, and hosted Amanda on holiday. The victim left Fazenda Rio Grande (PR) to enjoy the break.

The Civil Police started to treat the friends as suspects in the disappearance after information that was not found in their testimonies during the investigation, said police chief Bruno Fernandes.

After collecting elements that linked the trio to the disappearance, the Civil Police obtained in court a temporary arrest warrant for five days against those involved.

Under interrogation, one of her friends confessed that he had killed her and indicated the location of the body, in a shallow grave, on Itapirubá beach.

Shortly before she died, Amanda sent an audio via WhatsApp to a relative informing her that she would take an app car to return home, in Paraná.

According to the Laguna Criminal Investigation Bureau, Amanda sent the audio of the suspect’s thanks as a way to foil the investigation. After the message, the victim even dug his own grave with a shovel and ended up dead with two shots, the suspect revealed.

“The suspect said he took Amanda to Itapirubá beach and forced her to dig her own grave. Before she was killed, he even ordered her to record an audio to family members saying that she would take an application car to return to Paraná,” ​​he said yesterday the delegate Bruno Fernandes, at a press conference.

Victim was killed after seeing gun with suspect

The investigation concluded that Amanda and her friends went to Jurerê Internacional during the day, on November 14th. From there, they returned at night to Imbituba.

On the night of November 15, Amanda reportedly saw a firearm with one of the suspects in the property. She would have taken a photo and forwarded it to other people, which motivated the suspect’s discontent.

“The investigation shows that Amanda saw a gun from one of those investigated, took a photo and forwarded it to third parties. This person was dissatisfied and decided to end her life because she felt that she was in danger of being denounced,” said the delegate.

Only the suspect in carrying the firearm had already been through the police for the crime of drug trafficking. The Civil Police says that the other two who were hosting Amanda did not participate or witness the crime scene, but ended up omitting themselves.

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