Cenapop · Playboy owner’s widow compares famous mansion to a prison: “Still healing me”

Crystal Hefner, widow of Hugh Hefner — the legendary magazine owner “playboy” — she vented about the time she lived married to the businessman, between 2012 and 2017, and compared the famous Playboy Mansion to a “prison”.

The expression of the 35-year-old model was made through her Instagram account. She lived with Hefner until her death, aged 91. The founder and editor-in-chief of the erotica publication was known for his party lifestyle, always surrounded by women.

“I like this photo. It was towards the end, when I started saying ‘no’ to things that didn’t represent me. My hair became more natural, my implants were removed. I left the artificial tanning and life behind”, she began in the post made in Stories, in one click where he poses in front of Hefner’s mansion.

She continued: “I was still physically and mentally ill, but I was on the mend. I am always confused when I talk about the Playboy Mansion because in many ways it was a sanctuary for me; but in other ways it was my prison. even with Hef. He was good to me in many ways; but in others, he wasn’t. I’m still recovering from certain experiences.”

Finally, the ex-Playboy Bunny he stated that reflecting on the past generates contradictory feelings. “I really want to start opening up and being honest with you guys about everything,” she assured.

Crystal and Hefner started dating in 2009, marrying three years later. He was 60 years older than her, who was his third wife; before he was married to Mildred Williams (from 1949 to 1959) and Kimberly Conrad (from 1989 to 2010).

Recently, new revelations about the routine at the Playboy Mansion were made by Jennifer Saginor, daughter of the former personal doctor of the magazine’s founder. In an interview with the program “The Doctors”, she recalled the experiences she had had at the property.

“At age six, I got into these scenarios where people in the Grotto were involved in group sex,” said she, who is now 51.

Jennifer also claimed to have seen people taking drugs at the residence, in addition to revealing that she was kissed by Hefner as a child. “I already thought it was weird back then. I just knew most men didn’t kiss like that,” he stated.

Crystal Hefner vents about time with Hugh Hefner - Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

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